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Zoology Quiz : Branches of Biology : Part-II

Zoology Quiz : Branches of Biology : Part-II

Sinousxl / Pixabay

Zoology is just one of the branches of biology under which the technical investigation of the attributes and classification of animals are done. Therefore it is even referred to as animal biology. Zoology has numerous sub-branches like ethology, zoography, and also anthropology.

A zoologists frequently specialize in the study of particular types of animals. For example, an ornithologist investigations birds, while a mammologist researches mammals. Here is 10 concerns prepped to boost your expertise on the topic of zoology.

Although the investigative studies of animal life is in early stage , its scientific incarnation is relatively contemporary. This mirrors the transition from natural past to the field of biology at the start of the nineteenth century. Since Hunter and also Cuvier, comparative anatomical research has been linked with morphography shapins the contemporary spots of zoological investigation: anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, teratology and also ethology.

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