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UPSC General Knowledge Test on Science Quiz -1


The word Science  has originated from Latin scientia, which means “knowledge” . It  is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. In words of  Aristotle,  “science” refers to the body of reliable knowledge itself, of the type that can be logically and rationally explained.

Here is a GK Test on Science Quiz – Easy

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    1. Veronica Maranth says

      give me prof that scientific laws can change!

    2. Intran Devia Sari says


      Mathematics and computer science are not natural sciences, applied sciences (technology) or social sciences.
      So, what kind of sciences are they?

      I found out that they may belong to constructive sciences or formal science but I am not sure.



    3. Silky Johnson says

      Religion pre-decides what nature is without much evidence or understanding of what nature is. Whereas science lets the experiments and the equations decide what nature is.

      She’s gonna come out as she is, and science is there to observe her as she is.

      But not religion. It pre-decides what she is. And it’s been demonstrated before that religion has been wrong; and it’ll be wrong again.

      And science is a continuous process. Science is always trying to understand her as she is. But not religion. Religion is stuck on seeing things in only religion’s way. And religion never likes to be corrected.

      Science and religion are incompatable.

    4. TYGA says

      It’s purely antecdotal but it feels like the amount of science literacy has gotten worse in recent years. What can we do to reverse that trend? Should we throw money at it? Give incentives to schools that do well in science? Make the standardized tests harder? More scholarships for science majors? Start a new PR campaign that makes science cool? Have the government appoint someone as a Science Ambassador? What do you think would work best?

    5. Sami Lovenson {D says

      I’m writing an essay on how literature and science affect the understanding of humanity and society. I’ve got the literature part down pretty well, but I am absolutely stuck on the science part. I have to choose either between natural sciences or human sciences and relate it to reason, but I don’t have any specific examples. Can you give me a few?

    6. haaris says

      What is more important to the self; science or a temprament and attitude of science in self.

      Is there any science which can help the self to enable and empower itself with knowledge and wisdom of self to enable and empower the self with an attitude and a temprament of science.

      What is this science; where can it be known and studied; how can it be practised. Can this science also help the self to enable and empower itself with knowledge and wisdom of any type and kind.
      Can we also use this science to help ourselves for enabling and empowering ourselves with that knowledge and wisdom which had been the cause, purpose, and reason of the existance, presence and working of self and the religion and god of self.

    7. Taylor Schifano says

      give me three kinds of bacteria that causes diseases

      and name me one kind of protist that causes disease and leave links that would be helpfull if you want 10pts

    8. Crystal con Ka says


    9. Nadiah Nadinah says

      I have limited science knowledge, currently studying economic in University. I would like to become a dermatologist to help others with their skin problems. Is it too late to start studying science, then apply for med school?

    10. Erii Lautner says

      I need to know some ways to change the viscosity of a liquid. I already have temperature, which is an obvious one. There are no sites that help me and I need more then one way. Please help!
      (grade 8 science)

    11. baldy eire says

      I’m looking at a college and it says you have to have 3 years of lab science. What classes are those? I took earth science last year, and am planning on taking Chemistry, Chemistry II (not sure of the exact name) and physics. Are all of those lab sciences or what?

    12. Moira Namanny says

      gahhhh i hate science!

      anyway, we have to find manuplitive and responding variblies for my question. My question is how many of the barn owls prey are herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. I neeeeeeeed help.
      btw, this is 6th grade Advanced Science.
      and please, no rude comments… i really need help.

    13. Major aka Mr Cherry says

      I have three choices: physics, environmental science, and aquatic science. Im a junior at this moment. I heard that physics is alot of math and Im descent at math but im already going to take Precal and that already seems to much for me. The other two classes are supposed to be easy. Wat do you guys suggest? Thanks for answers.

    14. Vices I Admire says

      I hate science, like chemistry etc. But I would’ve thought that I would need to do a biology course for my HSC to get into psychology in university.
      Is that right? If not what type of course will I need to take for science?
      Also I only want to do general psychology, not social or biological etc.
      Ah, @flingebunt I was planning of doing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, so it’s good to know that it minimizes the science involved.

    15. Adrienne Neaves says

      What are good science fiction books to read for someone who want to start reading them so nothing that complicated so more character based than hard science thanks in advance.

      BQ.1 Are there any good free science fiction books on IBook on the iPad.

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