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U.S History Quiz on The Era of Good Feelings to the Age of Jackson : 20 MCQs

The Era of Good Feelings noted in the US history as a duration in the political background of the United States that mirrored a sense of national function and a desire for unity amongst Americans in the after-effects of the Napoleonic Wars.The era saw the collapse of the Federalist Party and also an end to the bitter partial disputes in between it and the leading Democratic-Republican Party during the First Party System.President James Monroe aimed to minimize partial association in making his nominations, with the supreme goal of nationwide unity and also getting rid of celebrations altogether from national politics.The period is so very closely related to Monroe’s presidency (1817– 1825) and his administrative goals that his name as well as the age are virtually synonymous. The classification of the period by chroniclers as one of fellow feelings is commonly shared with paradox or skepticism, as the background of the age was one in which the political environment was stressed as well as disruptive, particularly among factions within the Monroe administration and the Republican Party. Click here for Quiz on U.S Civics


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