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U.S History Quiz on Antebellum Reform Movements : 10 Quick Questions (Part 2)

Quiz on Antebellum Reform Movements

DWilliams / Pixabay

Attempt this quiz on Antebellum Reform Movements and check how much you can score. The Antebellum period or the Pre-Civil War period was recognized for numerous reform movements. The culture at the time was experiencing a major change. Numerous motions such as the Transcendentalism and also the Second Great Awakening inspired lots of intellectuals. These people are provided with the understanding as well as the guts to fight for numerous things in society that were however turned nose up at in the past. These reforms were meant to fix problems that were thought about inhumane as well as wickedness. Inspired by the Second Great Awakening, a confident spirit penetrated public understanding of the underprivileged as well as the regrettable. Those associated with boosting the life of the society were known as altruists. Several agitators and good samaritans pursued success with their reforms. Nevertheless, there were always those that discredited the brand-new changes in society. From both sides, these reform motions have reflected both hopeful and cynical sights of humanity as well as culture. Click here for Quiz on Independence Day of U.S. A: 10 Multiple Choice Questions

Test your knowledge on Antebellum Reform Movements

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