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U.S.A History Quiz On Age of Exploration : 10 MCQs

Age of exploration history of usa

stevepb / Pixabay

The following section consist of U.S.A History Quiz On Age of Exploration . Columbus was not the very first to discover the New World, his touchdown in the New World in 1492 is very important: it introduced a period of unmatched European expedition and also negotiation of the Americas. This period is known as the Age of Exploration. Throughout this age, European travelers searched for trade routes, overseas riches, and also journey. Technological technologies stimulated the exploration boom. A “maritime revolution” in Europe saw the innovation of the astrolabe, a gadget utilized to figure out latitude; the caravel, a large ship of unmatched rate; and also the magnetic compass. Click here for another USA History Quiz Online Test : 10 MCQs

Test your knowledge on U.S.A History Quiz On Age of Exploration

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