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Top 10 Canals of the World

Canals are man-made water channels that connect the ocean to smaller waterways within the city. While a navigation is similar to a river and shares the drainage basic, a canal cuts across the drainage basin. Typically, canals are used to deliver water to places where there is lack of water. They are of different shapes and sizes and are present all over the world. Some canals are complete cities by themselves while some others are small waterways acting as a connect between oceans. There are yet some others that actually serve as a shortcut between two points.
In this quiz, you will learn about the 10 most beautiful canals in the world. Starting from today, every Monday, you will learn about 10 most beautiful places in the world belonging to different categories like rivers, shopping, houses, monuments, etc. Keep checking this space every Monday and feel free to add your suggestions.

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