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Test Yourself on Quick Simple Quiz on EURO 2012 !

EURO 2012 Draw Out ! Ukraine Palace of Arts in Kiev, Ukraine hosted the the hour-long ceremony on 2nd December 2012  ably conducted and helped by  Olga Freimut and Piotr Sobczyński, television presenters from the two host countries  .As was the case for the 2004 and 2008 finals, the sixteen finalists were divided into four seeding pots, using UEFA’s national team coefficient ranking. As co-hosts, Poland and Ukraine were automatically placed in Pot 1, along with Spain, as the defending champions.

Fast Quiz on EUOR 2012

 [QUIZZIN 183]

Comments ( 48 )

  1. I’m making my boyfriend a cute sports calender and I want to know when each sports season starts? Such as what month? or around what month? For all you big time sports fans. help me out.


    Those are the basics… any other sports that fit in between those sports.


  2. Who will make it?
    Group A- Germany,Turkey,Austria,Belgium
    Group B-Russia, Ireland, Slovakia, Macedonia
    Group C- Italy,Serbia,Slovenia,Estonia
    Group D-France,Bosnia,Belarus,Albania
    Group E-Holland,Hungary,Sweden,Moldova
    Group F-Greece,Croatia,Georgia,Israel
    Group G- Montenegro,England,Switzerland,Bulgaria
    Group H-Norway,Portugal,Denmark
    Group I-Spain,Czech Republic,Scotland,Lithuania
    Group RunnersUP-

    Name each Groups winner and Runner up
    Name each winner of the Group.
    name 8 of the 9 runners up who play each others for spot at euro 12. who do you think?which 4 from 9 will ge a spot?

  3. can somebody tell me which is the top age to start in the following sports? EXAMPLE: football: 12

    1- boxing
    5- diving-
    6- rowing-
    8-table tennis-
    9- athletics

  4. Jazmine Dominguez
    March 1, 2012 at 3:57 AM

    Think about it. For flag football, you don’t need to work out or develop any skills; you just have to be fast and be able to catch. It basically defeats the purpose of any other position player except the fastest positions like receiver and cornerbacks. It kills the point of being able to bench press 400 pounds when all you have to do is be fast.

    Who agrees with me when I say that flag football is a terrible substitute for tackle football? Or for those of you who prefer flag football to tackle football, why?

  5. I have to do an outline and am having trouble finding answers to these questions…

    How do sports create a strong and well-trained physical body?
    How do sports improve academic performance?
    How do sports improve cooperation and communication skills?

    I need legit sources!!! I can’t do this without sources of where i got the info. Thank you so much!

  6. Martin Lee Grant
    March 4, 2012 at 11:41 PM

    The Euro 2012 is in Ukraine & Poland and I want to know which teams are going to be playing in Ukraine? TY (:

  7. “surprised” by England’s decision to base themselves in Poland for Euro 2012, despite playing their group matches in Ukraine. (Is it Excuse already when we get kicked out)

  8. Cassandry Conwell
    March 7, 2012 at 12:05 AM

    What football team won the game by pitching the football all the way down field to score? Tossing the football around, avoiding being tackled; so they pitch the ball to their team mates with little time left, and they went down and scored. I don’t know if they did that to win the game or they did that for fun. All i know is that they are a college football team and they scored by pitching the ball around. Does anyone know?

  9. Ariana Overfield
    March 7, 2012 at 9:29 AM

    I want to know the average weight of all the football player dudes. Like you know the quarterback and the kicker?

  10. What is the work-out most football players do to get muscular abs? What is the diet to get muscular abs like a football player? If you are or were a football player, please list it as a source.

  11. KihanaLei Bautista
    March 14, 2012 at 1:35 AM

    List 3 safe sports and 3 dangerous sports ( or more if you want too ! )

    Obviously all sports carry a risk, but some are more dangerous then others. For example, rugby is a lot more dangerous then ballroom dancing.

  12. Jordie I Hamilton
    March 16, 2012 at 11:20 PM

    That would be a great battle as they’re the 2 best teams in Euro 2012 and only see them winning the Euro’s…

    I can see Germany winning it as they have great midfielders like Ozil, Gotze, Muller and Schweinsteiger who could just marginally come behind the Spain midfield but Mario Gomez imo is better than Villa at the moment and Gomez scores goals for fun…

    So I see Germany winning it…

    Who do you think will win it?

  13. I mean they have really set the top flight alight since Swansea have came up and are both on very good form.

    Considering how poor Young, Downing, Milner, Walcott and Lennon have all been recently surely Dyer and Sinclair must be in with a decent shout.

    OQ- Should Hoolahan and Pilkington be in the Irish Squad for EURO 2012?


  15. Turkey, Croatia, Bosnia, Portugal, Estonia, Ireland, Czech Republic or Montenegro?

    FQ: Who do you think will win Euro 2012?

    FQ: Do you think Poland and the Ukraine will do a good job of hosting the torunament?

  16. I need the best source of informations about Euro 2012 tickets, hotels and live broadcast.

  17. LittleSallyWalker
    March 30, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    I just wondering of who is going to be the host of Euro 2012. There are 3 canidates:
    Hungary/Croatia(Joint Bid)
    Poland/Ukraine(Joint Bid)

    To me, it whould be a good idea to have the tournament around last 2 canidates rather than in Italy because of the scandals. Also it whould be like Euro 2008, one part in the EU and the other part outside the EU.

  18. Ok im gonna be a freshman after summer vacation and i was planning on doing two sports, Cross country in the Fall and Wrestling in the winter. I’ve never really played sports before this so i have no idea at all how this all works. How exactly do the seasons work? Do you play a sport in one season and stop that sport after that season is over and move on to the next sport in the next season? IDK HELP D:

  19. I play highschool football and take some pretty big hits to the head and wanted to know how much damage it does. Im a middle linebacker for my highschool football team and have yet to meet another player like me. i always go full speed head to head. i have had some pretty big collisions and i have had neck problems for over a year now because of it…. i dont want to damage brain cells i cant get back so i wanna know if its a serious problem or if im just paranoid. i only have a year left then college football if i decide but i may just stop if it will permanetely damage me
    well i know proper mechanics but to be a starter anywhere you have to impress the caoshes and be very explosive. ecspecially at my school which is the biggest class in the state. they encourage my hitting but im not going to risk my health in the future to impress my coachs

  20. Who’s your favorite college or NFL football team, and who’s your favorite player and why?

    My favorite college football team is USC, and my favorite player is John David Booty, the QB, becase i think he’s really good, and i’ve always liked QB’s out of all the different positions.

  21. JackMateGsampsonfanz
    April 24, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    let’s explain better.
    Im going to graduate high school, would like to do either of these sports, if these sports are available at a college can I participate in them even if I have never practiced the sport. The colleges on which im planning to attend do not specify anything and apparently they are not intramural. My high school does not offer these sports and neither does my town.

  22. Since most of the college football teams begins their football season today, or at some point this Labor Day weekend. I would like to take the time, to ask what is the best college football movie ever. And also please tell me why, you think that movie is the best college football movie ever. The only 2 college football movies that I can think of are Rudy, and We Are Marshall. And I bet there will be people having Rudy on the list, since I bet that it is an old favorite, but will a more of a recent movie We Are Marshall going to be on the list? And I bet that there are some others that I could be forgetting about at the moment.

  23. There is a football movie where the team has a gay football player and the opposing team is targeting him, so after half time they come out of the locker room with their jerseys covered in mud to cover up their numbers and they are all wearing makeup so the other team can’t find the gay player. What movie is this?

  24. I’ve met alot of dumb sports players and was wondering how many sports players have a degree in something other than PE, Sociology, Psychology or any jock majors

  25. Katherine Hickerson
    May 14, 2012 at 5:13 AM

    Which country would you say has the biggest chance on winning Euro 2012?

  26. How much longer do we have to wait for the RELOADED Uefa Euro 2012 torrent?

  27. I want to get my daughter involved in some good sports/physical activities. She’s only 3 years old. She has Cystic Fibrosis. We live in New York and walk a lot, she gets out of breath often when we go for walks and walk up hills. But the doctors say its good for her to have to work her lungs. What are the best sports and other physical activities I should get her involved in?

  28. New BluRay Releases
    May 20, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    I would like to know how many variations there are of the finalists for Euro 2012? I have listed the countries below.
    Czech Republic
    Republic of Ireland

    I know that each country could be playing 15 different countries in the final but then I don’t know where to go from there.
    Thanks in advance.

  29. You can only pick one sports movie from each of the following sports. The sports are baseball, basketball, football, hockey and soccer. Which of these sports, one of these will be the most of all the sports, that will be seen in movies. But please tell me why you pick the movies as either the best baseball movie, basketball movie, football movie, hockey movie, and soccer movie.

  30. B teams playing are fine too. I just want to see a game when I’m in europe so any game is fine. And I can’t pay hundreds of dollars for a euro 2012 game.

  31. what are your favorite sports? do you excersise? how many times a week?
    i love sports!!!!!!!!! i especially love soccer, track and snowboarding, do you know any sports that aren’t common?

  32. We often hear from other homies or liberals that we dominate sports (African Americans) , but guys i had a long conversation last night which opened my eyes . Other than basketball,some positions in American football and some running events , what other sports do we dominate massively? There are so many sports, hundreds probably, how did this propaganda started? Aren’t whites a minority worldwide, so how do they dominate all these sports and none talks about it?

  33. I want to watch the world cup cricket on sky sports. What is the difference between sky sports 1 and 2? I am asking as it is obviously more expensive to get both.
    Should I get both if I don’t want to miss a match or is everything going to be broadcast on sky sports 1. Does sky sports 1 normally carry the more important live event and 2 is used for the secondary sport? Like if there is golf and cricket on at the same time. All sounds to me as if sky did this to make more money out of sport deprived souls stuck on Freeview or Freesat.

  34. Being completely objective how good of a chance do you think Ukraine and Poland have next year at Euro 2012. The groups are unknown but it is almost certain they will not be grouped with Spain and Holland due to them being in the same pot (pot 1) (do you think that helps their chances). How good do you think their teams are, because most of the players are relatively unknown. And they will have a lot of motivation and momentum playing all the games at home. How far do you think they will go? and who will be the players to watch from the two squads?

  35. okay im a girl 19 and i like the dallas cowboys i know the game
    but everybody is always like so suprised cus im blondie and a girly girl but i love football always have
    is that werid?????
    cus ppl tell me it is im like its football y is that weird

  36. Camille Giannini
    June 11, 2012 at 7:48 PM

    well… im 14 years old going into high school and i never been in sports b4 and my dad keeps pushing me to join in sports how can i get ready to join sports what should i do to get in shape? and tips plz…

  37. I’m from Canada so I don’t know my about soccer, but what exactly is this Euro 2012 thing and is it different than the FIFA world cup from 2 years ago? I know fifa runs every 4 years.

  38. Whats the name of the song played in Euro 2012 Spain vs Italy in stadium after the goal?

  39. Hi, I’m looking for a betting site where I can bet on the correct score of the Euro 2012 Final. So far I can only find the option to predict the finalists, but there’s no option to predict the correct score as well.

    Anyone know of any? Thanks!

  40. i want to know who you think would win in the Euro 2012 cup.
    would Spain be crowned 2 times in a row or will England win for the 1st time?

  41. PC Gaming is Alive
    June 27, 2012 at 11:30 PM

    I was wondering…How do you get a home-run in football?

  42. I was watching the Euro 2012 closing ceremony and these two young boys from Poland and Ukraine walked towards each other and shook hands. They were both wearing earpieces in both ears. What were they hearing?

  43. So you probably know from my questions, I want to be in the Marines. I use to play sports, football for 2 years. Then I quit. Should I sign up for football again? I wanna get in shape. Another sport I wanna try out is Karate. I never tried it but it looks really fun. But i dont know if its a sport. And wrestling, I hate it. Never liked it. So which do you think is bettar, Football or Karate?

  44. For those of you who dont know what euro 2012 is its like fifa which is a world tournament but euro 2012 is just a soccer torent that is smaller.

  45. I understand the heat celtics game will be good but its not the greatest players in the world in the second biggest tournament in the world. Why doesn’t espn give euro 2012 the credit it clearly deserves?

  46. I have to go to a college football game in the south this weekend. I’ve never been to a college football game down here (I am from Canada), but I heard they dress up. What should I wear? It is supposed to be 88 degrees.

  47. I am looking to referee football his fall in the Metro Atlanta area. What organization do I need to join?

  48. ESPN doesn’t come on my tv and I really want to watch the euro 2012 final! What time does it come on and which site can I watch it on?

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