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Test Your Knwoledge on International Current Affairs -1

International current affairs news between July  to November 2011 for the exams . There must be solid grasp on the current evens because whether in General Knowledge paper or the interview or group discussion , one requires to show the grip over curent haapensings around the world.

Test your knwoledge on current affairs (international)


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  1. and have we continued to follow Washington’s advice and maintain neutrality in situations?

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  3. Hi everyone. I would like to start a Hindu Religious Weekly Magazine in Tamil which has GK, Current Affiars and Employment Advertisements by Government and Private Companies in that Magazine with Traditional Religious Info.

    How can I start this and what are the procedures I need to follow to start this???

    Someone can help me by giving thier valuable suggestions.

    Thanks in Advance

    K. Kannan

  4. Michele Obama wrote some very disrespectful things about white people.
    Obama in his books talks about his view of the state of current affiars and white people, and he did not speak well of them.

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  6. Ok i am having a huge test coming up and i need to come first.Can someone Give me a list of women presidents, Indian current affairs and important ministers and sure to come questions In indian and international current affiars.I am in grade 5.

    This has no relation to the above qustion.

    In C&C generals When i build a nuclear bomb or anything the time is way above six minutes it takes about half an hour to charge up.What do i do.Can anyone tell me and China and Usa vs China vs usa strategy.I am china and my bro is us

  7. need to provide a radio structure for a current affiars programme for class on monday , Im just needing a little reassurance I have the same understanding, can anyone help?

  8. Confluence OLife
    May 6, 2012 at 10:29 AM

    i need it 2mmorow itself pls help me out

  9. What is the impact that current affiars is having on the value of stocks and bonds?

  10. I am preparing for a test on general knowledge which involves current affairs (tommorow XD). I would like a list of some of the most important ones as well as some basic background information.

    I remember that back in 2003, a question was on the name of the bar where the bomb exploded in Bali. (2002) Which might be helpful guide for all you answerers.

    I think late 2009 to now would be a good time frame to work on.


  11. current affairs 2010..

  12. you can defend one religion and prove others wrong.
    you can use history, science, culture, current affiars, terrorism politics anything.
    you can also use examples and currently what these religions are doing for humanity and aganist humanity.
    from this disscusion we will deside which is the best religion

  13. An aussie said this :On a recent “a current affairs” poll of the whole of Australia there was a 99.7 % yes vote to end multiculturalism…

    I really hope and pray that it is a lie, can anybody tell me anything about it?

    (by the way im canadian that’s why I have no idea!)
    I read it from a website where freaken white nationalists wrote comments.. and I saw this one and none made any sense to me but especially this one! Australia is so diverse and multicultural! I was like, what the heck

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