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Test Your Knowledge on Post Gupta Art & Culture


The Gupta Period was golden age for art & culture.In post Gupta period, kingdoms of South expanded till Northern part of India. Even in their period, like Gupta Period, many temeples were built which was the center for arts .

Quick 10 questions on Arts & Culture in Post Gupta Period

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  1. shakiraoi nati says

    a) Sanskrit language
    b) Hippocratic oath
    c) Murals in cave temples
    d) Spread of Buddhism

  2. FRESH BEN says

    Explain why.

  3. Legado del Fnix says

    Describing astronomical orbits

    Devising numerals

    Establishing a single code of law

    Establishing chemical principles

    Which of the following?

  4. yamani petit says

    A. Inventing Taoism
    B. Establishing a single code of law
    C. Developing the medical oath
    D. Establishing the first true republic

  5. Luke Brown says

    I was watching a video created by Acharya Shree and he said Jesus did get education at Nalanda University but westerners were not smart enough to understand Eastern Culture so he did not tell them about where he went.

    Please state your free opinion.
    At the time of Jesus India was the only country that had evolved spiritually naturally Jesus was attracted towards India to learn the vedas and upanishads . All that you see in Jesus ‘s sayings is in the upanishads we have to notice that he has localised the teachings so that his people could understand them. I ‘ve read that Jesus lived near kashmir and there are proofs that after ressurection he was brought to India by his diciples.
    How about the time other than Gupta period?
    Education at Nalanda was free then and you had to be enrolled 16 years.

  6. Corina Reiter says

    i have homework thats due tommorow and i need five facts about their scultures. i also need the name of the site or resource because thats one of the questions too.

  7. warhawk105 says

    The Ajanta paintings belong to the…………………

    a) Harappan period

    b) Mauryan period

    c) Buddhist period

    d) Gupta period

    e) None of the above

  8. PreTTyyLiiLJaZZiiE says

    Why was the high Gupta period (320-450) the golden age of Hindu civilization? What were the reasons that led to the fall of Gupta empire? How did Gupta India influence Southeast Asia politically and culturally?

  9. Mundo 3000 says

    Provide examples for Han China, western Rome, and the Gupta empire.

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