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Test Your Knowledge on History-Mughals of Class-VII CBSE


MughalsThe ten questions are for students of class-VII of CBSE board for preparation of Chapter on Mughals. This is part II of the test your knowledge series. The test one on mughals can be taken here.

Mughals Dynasty

The Mughal dynasty set its foot in India with Mughal Emperor Babur who first captured Punjab and then Delhi which was ruled at that time by Ibrahim Lodhi. Babur already had Afghanistan under his kingship, but he later quenched his thirst of more places after capturing Indian regions. With Babur, came the Mughal Empire to Delhi as well as other places.

So here is the Quiz on Mughals -II

Mughals Dynasty

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    1. Aj Bailey says

      How did the Mughals decline and why were the British able to replace them as rulers of India?

    2. Elke Maloney says

      I know that the Mongols from Mongolia went in a campaign of conquest in 1200 AD and their empire extended from Europe to Japan and as far as India. Were these the same as Mughals that Shivaji fought against in 1700 AD?
      Their name do seems quite similar but i couldnt find any text relating the two.

    3. Irm Josiane says

      How do you think ICC would rank this team?

    4. 1D FANNY says

      Why there was a war of succession among the mughals? Do you think succession should be decided by birth, the might of the candidates sword or on the basis of the candidates character?

    5. Shanequia Pruitt says

      Identify the major source of revenue collection and economic activity unde the delhi sultanate and the mughals. Compile a report in about 250 words duing a comaparitve study.

    6. xUnderratedx says

      And lahore is a sikh city and its kings were majority sikh emeperors why are sikh cities in pakistan why is half of punjab in pakistan i hate it. It should be part of indian punjab or the sikh state of khalistan. And many sikh holy shrines are in pakstan why?

    7. agatha christie says

      Sikh’s are known to be brave warriors who fought against oppression from the Mughal’s who were trying to invade and covert everyone in their path to Islam.

      I was just wondering what would have happened if the Mughal’s would have advanced passed the Sikh’s in their battles? Would there be a more distinct Muslim population In India?

    8. Mightyb says

      The Mughals Empire in India was one in which a Muslim minority ruled over the Hindu majority. In the spectrum of Mughal rulers Akbar and Aurengzeb are polar opposites. Compare and contrast their political policies and the Mughal empire under their reigns. How did the two rulers approach the issue of a Muslim minority ruling over a Hindu majority?

    9. Stephanie Lusty says

      The politicians are not in a position to give something tot he people and therefore, their fights are those like sons of the mughals for the crown and nothing more.

    10. THe champion says

      1. Parliamentary republics were established. 2. India became unified under one language. 3. Muslim culture dominated in parts of India. 4. Hinduism became the dominant religion in Northern India.

    11. Sharlenne Donate says

      The time Muslim emperors came to India. They were making hindu people forcibly to convert to their religion or else they would killed. One of my friend told me. Is it true? Please clarify.

    12. Penny Savoie says

      Some say turkey, some say other stuff. Where did the mughals orginally come from?

    13. Leighannemixer says

      Do u agree or disagree with the aforesaid assessment?

    14. Stephanie Hartigan says

      Like the treatment of religions, the effects of taxation and spending, and succession to the throne.

    15. O E I L says

      *question open to Indians or anyone who has analysed indian history*

      India was once the richest and most scientifically advanced nation on earth then how was it that invaders like the mughals and british took over India and ruled it for 100’s of years?
      what & whom do u blame for this?

    16. Jamie Luke Colebatch says

      I need information about the architecture styles of the Sultanate and Mughal Period.
      It’s for my project, please do help, this is very important.
      I want information about the architecture during Sultanate especially, something in general that can be written as an introduction.

    17. Tuatara says

      and what legacies (political, economic, cultural do they bear as result of mughal empire?

    18. Gaby Engel says

      I’m doing this Mughal Empire project for homework and I am really stuck on this. I have searched on basically everything can someone please help me.

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