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Test Your Knowledge on Easy Geogrpahy Quiz

Exams prepartion and even day to day life require general knowledge of geography . Ggeography is also , wordlwide , taight as a school subject.Geography teaches people to understand relationships that are spatial (of space) in nature. Simple geography relationships we all take for granted are distance, travel time, elevation, etc. Knowledge of geopgraphy is vital for commercial decisions also.

So here is the first Easy 10 questions on Geography.

test quiz description

Comments ( 13 )

    March 15, 2012 at 8:59 PM

    I reaaalllyyyy need to know for geopgraphy. and when i say human features; i dont mean the features of the people 🙂
    Thankss Xxx

  2. thealmightycynic
    March 21, 2012 at 9:39 PM

    I need to do a section of my geopgraphy assignment where I have to mark down all these locations on a world map, but the teacher wants us to send everything to him online so we dont waste paper, and I don’t have a scanner.
    Is there anyway website I could use to do this on?

  3. I am an Biomedical Engg want to do further studies in Geography through coresspondence as I am working. Could u suggest me how should I procced and what are the Job oppertunities.

  4. I am in AP Human Geopgraphy. and doing test corrections. What is the formula for calculating doubling time?

  5. This is matching…

    1. Independent city in the heart of Rome, seat of the Roman Catholic Church

    2. Small island country between Italy and Africa

    match those with the following

    a. genoa
    b. malta
    c. vatican city
    d. florence
    oh my lordie! thank you all! i love u! u helped me soo mcuh && god bless

  6. Hi, Im doing a geopgraphy project and I need info on the Northern Arctic in Canada.
    I need info on The animal wildlife, the “hydrographie” like water, lakes, rivers oceans, and maps on that (so if any pictures of maps of that work too), and i need economy (natural ressources) and maps for that would work too..

    So please if you find pictures of maps for those and info then pllleeaassseee send 🙂

    Thank you :]

    if you need more detail askk

  7. And what did u write for the essays?

  8. Geopgraphy

  9. A question proposed by a geopgraphy test I had to take today…only answer if you are reasonably sure…any ideas?

  10. Then anyone can help me answer these questions?

    1. Which one of the following Russian rivers is not located in Siberia?

    a. Lena
    b. Ob
    c. Amur
    d. Yenisey

    2. In Russia, major Oil reserves have been discovered in and around the capital? True or False

    3. Which on of the following Russian Cities is not located in a major manufacturing region?

    a. Tomsk
    b. Moscow
    c. Yakutsk
    d. Vladivostok

    If you only know one of the answers please respond….any help would be appreciated!
    Why does it matter…you got your point for posting something stupid…i dont care what section it’s in this is the first one that pops up. have anything better to do?

  11. The influence of the natural environment on humanity declines:
    B. With increasing technology
    D. In Urban socities

  12. Hi i have to start applying to University in a couple of months and i realized what i want to study and what interests me most; human geopgraphy. I’m still a little confused about for university works, would i major in human geopraphy as a undergrad or would i major in geography or sociology or phychology because i was looking into it and i think you can’t take human geopgraphy until second year. Also i know i definatly want to apply to Brock but maybe someone could help with what other universities i should also apply too.

    – Thanks!:) 🙂
    ive tried researching it and i cant figure out what would be best for me too major in

  13. I finished Plus 2 and i needs to join UG COurse, which ug course will be best for IAS?

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