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Test Your Knowledge on Class-VII Electricity Chapter

Electricity-QuizThe word Electricity  is from the New Latin ēlectricus, “amber-like ” coined in the year 1600 from the Greek  meaning amber (hardened plant resin), because electrical effects were produced classically by rubbing amber. Electricity is a general term encompassing a variety of phenomena such as lightning, static electricity, and the flow of electrical current in an electrical wire.

Test Class VII Level Quiz on Electricity

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Comments ( 19 )

  1. Hi,

    what are the different ways and tips to save electricity?
    Also, How can we generate electricity at home to save electricity bills by using natural methods like solar home electricity, wind home electricity etc., Are they 100% result oriented?

  2. Hi
    I heard on the radio last week St. Cathrine’s area it’s local company. They build a dome shape that fits on any roof and creates Electricity for the whole or part of the house. This is a local Company in St. Cathrine’s area Ontario Canada. Where can you get one and have it installed?

  3. My interpretation of heaven is like that of the flow of electricity. Bad electricity is somehow dumped or reduced. Good electricity continues its flow for eternity.

    What really is this force all around us we have all become accustomed to called “electricity”?

    Electricity is not the creation of mankind, only a theory of what it is, yet it flows though all living life and we summon it.

    Don’t be scared. Try to understand the magic.

  4. When I plug and unplug a power cable to the net in my home for let’s say, 50.000 times a day, why doesn’t my electricity-meter not count that power for the monthly electricity fee?

    When I unplug the cable the cable should still have some electricity flowing through it at the moment of unplugging. That electricity disappears very shortly after . But after unplugging it, it doesn’t have any electricity anymore. So some electricity is lost right? How does this work?

  5. I mean, if we are getting the electricity from the same copper/aluminum wire, how do different electricity suppliers “supply” the electricity? Do different companies have a personalised substation to get electricity from power stations?
    And also, how is green power differentiated if it simply goes through the copper wires as conventional energy? How do those electricity suppliers get their “green” energy and somehow distribute it through to our home?

  6. last summer we noticed that 3 air conditioners were causing our electricity bill to be outragously high. it’s just as hot (if not hotter) now and its only spring. our electricity bill is not as high now, but we have no ACs on. is there something wrong with our houses wiring or something?

  7. Camila Mazza Nery
    March 9, 2012 at 1:28 PM

    They are about 33”
    I just wanna know about how much electricity two small refridgerators would probably cost. They are fairly new.

    Two girls in my house have 2 extra refrigerators and I just want to know how that is effecting my electricity bill. So about how much money do you think that translates into?

  8. Dont make it too complicated, I just need to know exactly what happens with the atoms and how the electricity is actually formed inside a generator. I know all the stuff about the magnets and the metal but I really need to know what the atoms do during the production of the electricity, please anwser ASAP! 🙂

  9. I am doing a project on how much really electricity impacts the environment. I’m only asking questions that basically I can’t find. I figured another person with another veiw on this would point me in the direction of finding a source for my research.

    What are various things that you know electricity does to the environment? How much does it affect the environment? How much does turbines and solar panels have to with the damage? Do they cause the majority of the damage?

    I’m mainly looking for a source regarding how much damage(to the environment)solar panels and turbines make by producing electricity.

    List your sources to the exact place you found the information.

  10. I am making a proposal in school in order to go to Six Flags. Our assignment is to connect Six Flags with science. Each person in my class has a different topic. I have electricity. I was wondering how do you measure the amount of electricity used in a roller coaster? Is there any easy way to do this? What are some factors used in finding the amount of electricity used in a roller coaster?

  11. I read probably from my book about thunderstorms that they are partially or completely responsible for replenishing the electricity to earth which is lost due to the earth’s charge loss. I would like to understand the entire cycle first at a basic level. How is this planet supplied with electricity and what are some/all of the replenishing processes?

  12. Seems a strange question. Can riding a bicycle(similar to water from dam falling on the turbine or watever which rotates and creates electricity.) create electricity. If so how much electricity be produced by the person in a day. Is mass production of electricity viable by this method. Wherein the unemployed and beggars could ride bicycle the whole day thereby solving both unemployment and electricity problem.
    And can a compensation of Rs.300/day($6/day) be squeezed out for workers. Plus other benefits.

  13. i tried many to search it but cannot find a straight answer
    so here is my question how many unit( kwh) of electricity will be used to charge a 4000mAh laptop or any other battery.
    if further details are required
    its 10.8V li ion
    electricity on grid is 240 V50 Hz.

  14. Is there just like electricity stored in the brain? I know it has something to do with electrolytes but I don’t know what.

  15. No frost refrigerators apparently consume more electricity when in the automatic defrost mode. I found out that after the cooling compressor is turned off, a heater is turned on to remove any ice from the cooling coils thus consuming more electricity.

    Is there a way of reducing the electricity consumption of a no-frost refrigerator?


  16. How does the waste of electricity has a negative effect on the environment? I would like to have general opinions that have a a very strong base to be true.

  17. How is electricity used in automotive engines?
    why are scinetists and technicians constantly searching for new sources of energy?
    Is electricity an important source of energy ? why? or why not?

  18. How much of world’s electricity is produced by thermal or nuclear power plants? in percentage please. like 80%. i could not find it in internet if you do please write down the url and if it is right you will be rewarded.

  19. I have applied for a 3kw electricity load. Need to know if this is enough to run refridgerator, microwave, music system, AC apart from other standard electrical fittings.
    Please share.

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