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Test Your Knowledge on Buddhism -Part -2

buddhismBuddhism  is a religion and philosophy mainly based on teachings attributed to Siddhartha Gautama, famously known as the Buddha . The Buddha lived and taught in the northeastern Indian subcontinent some time between the 6th and 4th centuries BCE.

Second Part of 10 Questions GK Set on Budhhism

test quiz description

Comments ( 36 )

  1. I just the oxford Indian history cover to cover and would like to contrast that with a history written by a Indian..It has to be in english–what is the best book out there?????

  2. I want to go for sanyas in buddhism I don’t want to live like this, so therefore I want to be Devotee of Budhha, I want to live for everyone not only for me.
    just do the welfer work connect with Budhdhism, I want to join their Group who live for others.

  3. It’s time for my eye exam and the last time I was getting my contact lens exam, I asked the doctor if I could try a pair of colored contacts. He stated that I should have mentioned it before he started the exam because clear contacts and colored contacts eye exams are different. I don’t see why or how they can be different but I accepted his answer, took my clear contacts and went about my business.

    Can someone explain to me what they do in a colored contact lens exam that they don’t do in a clear contact lens exam? Or was that eye doctor just full of it and making bogus excuses?

  4. Is Budddhism a religion?
    sorry i didnt explain myself i meant if it is possible a religion that doesnt involves believing in a god.

  5. June wants to become a policewoman. She must take a physical exam and a written exam. Records of past candidates indicate that the probability of passing the physical exam is 0.82. The probability that the candidate passes the written exam given that he or she has passed the physical exam is 0.58. What is the probability that June passes both exams?

  6. I am a non-Indian student trying to research why Indian nationals believe it is important to study their history.
    This is for a course on Indian history I am currently studying.
    Thanks Much!!
    What about Indian history is peculiar to the region that makes it of particular interest to students?

  7. karii_FanatiicasCME
    March 19, 2012 at 10:33 AM

    i’ve got exactly one week for my exam to start..and im trying to score above 85 most preferably 90 😛
    can someone tell me wht to do!?? to get those marks..
    i mean i know this and that …but i hav to get everything into my head atleast 2 days before the exam..
    help. pls…

  8. The Ancient Chinese and Indian cultures were the most advanced in the world, even more than the Egyptians, so if this is the case why is the history of both countries not taught in school?
    Im in UK btw.

  9. What are some good books, or sites that have detailed history of India? I’ve been reading Bhagavadgita from Mahabharata which I guess has inspired me to learn more about Indian culture, but I don’t know where to start. Any help is appreciated

  10. True Story Read Up
    March 30, 2012 at 6:41 PM

    A question for the Abrahamic religions (Islam, Christianity and Judaism)…

    What determines where a person is born and the fortune or bad luck they experience in life? For instance why is it that some are born into a third world country in poverty whilst others have the fortune of being born into a wealthy/successful life or even into royalty?

    The eastern religions such as hinduism and budddhism believe in karma and reincarnation, where the belief is that our good and bad experiences are a result of deeds carried out in previous lives and this one.

    On the other hand the abrahamic religions do not believe in the theory of reincarnation but instead believe one life only and judgement day being the only time we are judged. If that is the case then on what basis and merit are we granted our respective lives?

  11. are teenagers[like 14 years old] allowed to choose their own religion?
    Like, my parents are Catholic, and they want me to make my conformation. But I dont want to be Catholic, and I dont want to lie to an entire church.

    Are there any laws saying that I can choose my own religion, even if my parents are agianst it?
    I talked to my parents and they said that I dont have ANY rights until I am 18.

    They also said that once I make my conformation that I can go to any church I want. But dosnt that defeat the purpose?

  12. Well i like to read about the symbolism beneath the idolry and i know most of them are nature codes or universal laws that confirms to reality,,, in hinduism atheist is wellcomed,, and i do question the religion,, it is infact encouraged to question the religion,but it does angers my family a little, i mean the religion itself asks me not to attach myself to it,funny huh ? is it possible to be in a religion and to be an atheist ? i dont beleive in GOD but i beleive in the scriptures about nature and all of them are true,,,,,is there anyone who is atheist but also learns about christianity,budddhism,islam and such ?

  13. Manoela a minha Xena
    April 14, 2012 at 5:20 PM

    My girlfriend has been studying for a professional exam for 3 months on the exam was today. She didn’t pass, inf act only 35% of people pass them. She needs this exam to get a job as it is her last year of university. I need help on what I should say to her. I haven’t talked to her yet as she’s driving back from the exam it was out of town.

  14. Why do these Christians keep believing that the only way to get to heaven is through Jesus? Thats just one particular fictional character for that religion. Every other religion has some other idea that they will go to heaven and everyone else who doesnt follow them will go to hell. What makes every religion believe only theirs is right while all others are wrong? Its just a mere accident at birth that you were this religion. Which belief could be right and which is wrong? I dont get how people could continue to believe in this while all the other religions are against them.

  15. Each religion competes with other religions, many claim a monopoly on God or Truth.

    There are many brands of religion. Protestantism itself has spawned literally thousands of brands through product differentiation.

    Religion also competes with all other goods and services available in the market for the time and money of consumers. It’s not surprising then that many religions are against the consumption of other consumer goods besides the religion itself.

    People use religion to enhance their lifestyle, just like any other product. Many use their association with their particular religious brand in the same way they use the brands of cars and clothing, to form and present a certain self-image.

    Like many products, certain religions rely heavily on advertising. Many religions even require or strongly encourage members to advertise to their social network. The techniques that are used are seen in every commercial: this product will take away your worries, give you a feeling of security, strength your relationships, give you more friends, etc. Of course the people who buy the product and have absolute brand loyalty will claim that their product is not only the best, but the only one that will truly satisfy your needs.

    Fundamentally, how is religion different from any other consumer product on the market?
    So religion is more like an investment product, in that it is made to create a feeling of a secure future (afterlife)?
    You pay for the religion through an advertising agreement at least, as well as brand loyality at the exclusion of other brands. That doesn’t count as free.

  16. Hia
    I know a stupid question to ask but its bothering me.
    My biology GCSE exam is on Monday and my friends want me to go out on Sunday (jst a day before my exam) and i said i coundn’t go because i realy need to revise. My best friend keeps asking me to go and i don’t know what shes been texting me to go and i keep saying no i cant im reali sorry bt she keeps texting. I told her that its my real GCSE exam and i cant just afford not to be bothered about it. So my question is what do i do shall i jst give up and go and when get back home i’ll revise or… i dnt know what to do???

  17. What is the significance of the four “varnas”, the social classes in India, in the indian history?

  18. Basically, what religion are you? What religion were you raised as? Do you agree with all aspects of the religion or not? Do you only call yourself a *Insert-religion-here* because it is the closest thing you have found to your own personal belief system?
    Why do you beleive the things you beleive?
    What has been your greatest influence on personal beliefs?
    Do you let your religion dictate how you see the world?
    Would you say that over-all religion/spirituality has helped or hindered the world we live in?
    Are you part of an organsied religion?

  19. I have to say, I quit my old religion because I found that religion before judgemental and very stereotyping. I used to believe in all the things my religion said, until I discover the world outside and found out that it wasn’t true. What’s worse, my religion doesn’t accomodate to do good to a certain kind of people, and be kind to someone whom that it condemns, like homosexuals, jewish, etc.

    Am I wrong for quitting religion because I wanted to do good to all mankind and not being judgemental and negative stereotyping?

  20. muh ahsan kurniawan
    June 7, 2012 at 3:31 PM

    Religion pre-decides what nature is without much evidence or understanding of what nature is. Whereas science lets the experiments and the equations decide what nature is.

    She’s gonna come out as she is, and science is there to observe her as she is.

    But not religion. It pre-decides what she is. And it’s been demonstrated before that religion has been wrong; and it’ll be wrong again.

    And science is a continuous process. Science is always trying to understand her as she is. But not religion. Religion is stuck on seeing things in only religion’s way. And religion never likes to be corrected.

    Science and religion are incompatable.

  21. I have to write an essay on this but I can’t find much information on how it changed the course of Indian history. Can someone please help me and list some ways on how it changed/affected Indian history? Thank you so much. 🙂

  22. If you practice a religion, you must, one way or another, find it superior to all other religions. But regardless of what religion you practice, everyone who practices ANY religion feels “in my heart and in my soul that [my religion] is the true path.” Everyone somehow just “knows” that their religion is the right one.

    So what would you tell someone like me, who is looking for a religion? What does your religion offer that the others don’t?

  23. What is Wicca?
    What is Pagan?
    What is the difference?

  24. I’ve been looking into nursing programs in my area, and they all say something about going through a medical exam before being accepted in to the program. What kind of exam is it? It also says that they make sure you are free of any communicable diseases, which makes sense, but seems vague. What exactly do they test for?

  25. discuss the religious revival in post-soviet russia. Make sure to discss four traditional religions recognized?
    by 1993 law of the russian federation.

    I literally have no idea and there is like nothing online!!

    I know the religions are russian orthodox, islam(tatars, bashkirs, people of north caucus), Judaism, Lamaist Budddhism (Tuvans, Buryats, and kalmyks)…but that is about it. Someone just point me in the right direction puuleeasee

  26. by 1993 law of the russian federation.

    I literally have no idea and there is like nothing online!!

    I know the religions are russian orthodox, islam(tatars, bashkirs, people of north caucus), Judaism, Lamaist Budddhism (Tuvans, Buryats, and kalmyks)…but that is about it. Someone just point me in the right direction puuleeasee

  27. Why was 1857 a turning point in Indian history? WHAT happened that year and HOW did it change indian history?


  28. I am applying for SSI benefits, and I’ve been scheduled for a “internal medicine exam” on December 22nd, 2010 because more information is needed on my hypertension. My question is, what happens at an internal medicine exam? I do not feel comfortable with undressing and having someone check my pelvic region. My grandmother had the same exam and she said she didn’t need to undress or have an examination of the pelvic region, but I think it’s because she’s a female. I just don’t feel I should be examined down there if my main problem is my constantly high blood pressure.

  29. What exam should I take in order to become an elementary school teacher? I live in Irving, Texas. I have under graduate degree in English Literature. I am seeking for a job in teaching profession. Thank you.

  30. Do you know where i can find an animation of Indian history in the past 2000 years (flash/ppt etc) in a chronological order. Can you pls help ?

  31. Religion using the word Sh*t. It was passed down to me some time ago and it was funny…..but where Can I find it again I wonder? The article was joking like “Let S**t happens to some one else” -Christianity, “…..sound of S**t” – Budddhism….etc.

  32. Please state what religion you are, the religion answering the question, and why.

    If you are atheist or agnostic please answer as well.

  33. What religion goes the most by the bible? What religion teaches you the most about the bible contents and it’s teachings? Also, in the most simplest terms possible, what are the differences between a catholic and a christian? What religions use rosarys and how are they used exactly?

  34. I have an exam two days from now, and am wondering how much sleep I should get. I hear that you shouldn’t stray too far from your normal sleeping schedule, but what happens if (like in my case) you usually only get 4-6 hours of sleep per night. Also, how long should I be up for before the exam?

    Bonus: What should I eat before the exam, plus any other helpful tips.

  35. I want to organize a seminar on Indian history in Delhi in November. How can I receive a grant of Rs. 1 lakh from an organization spending on corporate social responsibility?

  36. How does your religion (or atheism, or whatever system of belief you follow) affect your opinions your opinion of other people? Do you feel a different way towards those sharing your belief and those with different ones? Do you pre-judge by religion, and if you do, to what extent?

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