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Test Your Geography Knowledge for UPSC or SSC Exams

Indian geography is very vast and so is the quantum of questions on geography. Therefore , exams like UPSC or SSC has plenty of questions from IndianGeography and world geography. Here is an attent to presnt a simple set of 10 questions on geography

Test Your Geography Knowledge for UPSC or SSC Exams

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Comments ( 21 )

  1. What role does geography play in understanding the world today?
    It’s for my AP Geography entry composition. This essay will determine whether i make it into AP Human Geography. PLEASE HELPPP.

  2. Which of the statements below is false?

    A. Abiotic parts play a significant role in ecosystems.
    B. People’s activities can improve the health of an ecosystem.
    C. Plants produce nutrients for ecosystems.
    D. Predator elimination will improve the health of an ecosystem.

  3. Sean is a Villa Fan
    April 27, 2012 at 6:22 AM

    The full question is: Research how the geography of your selected country impacted on one event from pre-colonial, colonial or modern history. (eg. Did the geography affect how the country was colonized)

    My selected country is Russia (the Asian part) and this is due on monday the 25th. Please could i get some help.

  4. One of the major concepts that they taught us in geography was how important the physical geography of a country is in contributing to a country’s wealth and prosperity. At one point, England ruled about a fourth of the world, so what, geographically contributed to its success?

  5. I would like to go to an american university to study geography (human geography is the section). I live in the UK so im not sure if americans call it something different? But what are the best Universities in USA for studying geography?

  6. Both geography and trade played an important role in the development of early African societies. Select one East African society and one West African society from this unit to write about. Your essay should be at least 750 words.
    Can any one give me couple of society’s for east african and west african Please thank you
    before any of u answer like the people down there are stupid let them read first i didnt ask for anyone to do my homework i just asked if anyone can give me couple of topics on east and west African society

  7. I know geography affects what’s grown everywhere, but what foods are produced because of the specific geography in England. Thanks!

  8. I’m looking at undergraduate degrees and definitely want to do something environment based but want to know the difference between environmental science and environmental geography. I like geography and the alternative would be to do just a physical geography degree but the EnvSci has caught my eye.
    I’m studying Geography, Chemistry, English Lit and French for A Level if that helps which one may be best – Environmental Science is not offered as an A Level at my sixth form.

  9. I am planning to be an Irish teacher. For A level, i will be studying Irish, Geography, Technology and Religion. However, to be a teacher,I am told that I must have an A level in a science subject. Would geography count as a science?

  10. My friend keeps saying her grandad is a geography professer and an expert in plate tectonics, and amoungst other things claims he discovered a geological ice age.

    None of this sounds right, particually the last bit, surely thats geology, not geography, physical geography only deals with the earths physical features and boundaries? I dont think its a deliberate lie, i just dont think shes getting it quite right.

  11. Hannah Chihuahua
    July 6, 2012 at 1:51 AM

    Hi everyone, I’m currently in high school and I’m doing the International Bacaloriate, IB. I am planning to study Geography at university, and I have to choose between doing the higher or lower level maths. I am not very good at maths and i am sure i will have difficulties doing higher level maths but i will be willing to do it if it is necessary for a geography degree.
    So how important is maths for a geography degree? Can i take the lower level maths or must i do the higher level?

  12. Famously UnFamous
    July 9, 2012 at 2:42 PM

    I know that the rivers (Yellow and Yangzi) played a role in helping these civilizations develop, but what other geographic elements help out?

    Also, if possible, would you compare how geographic influence helped early china to its western counterparts – Egypt and Mesopotamia. In other words, what are the comparison or differences did geography have in all these early civilizations?

  13. In my AP Human Geography class, the teacher had us fill out a sheet of the definitions of all the different types of geography. What is descriptive geography and what is systematic geography? I looked it up but couldn’t find much.

  14. i need a good story with 10 geography terms. They can be any, i just need a good story. It could be fiction.

  15. I’m thinking about going geography major with an option in international development peace and security. What kind of jobs could i get with it? I also am looking at Poli sci which is better?

  16. My major when I graduated was Geography. I love the environment and working outdoors. I hated my GIS class and don’t want a job where I am stuck inside all the time. Any ideas for a career or job that might meet inlcude these things?

  17. How has the geography and climate influenced the foods prepared in Italy? Has the climate made a difference in Italian food?

  18. I have to write a thesis for my ap us history class and i need some help. The reasons to why i think geography was important is wealth, trade and to sustain life. I don’t know how to explain on it. If you have any web site i can look at to help me or if you have anything to say to help me i would appreciate it. Please and thank you
    Im talking about in the beginning. When they settled in the new world.
    And why they wanted the land.

  19. I am thinking that a college geography class might be fun to take, but other than learning about other people in different parts of the country, I have no idea what it is like. I’ve been out of school for many years and don’t remember much about geography. Is there any math involved in finding latitude and longitude? I am terrible at math, but would love to learn about other cultures.

  20. How would Japanese geography play a role in the development of the concept of Kami? Please help me answer this question. I don’t understand it.

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