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Ten Questions on Light Chapter of Class VII CBSE Board

CBSELight is electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. Visible light has wavelength in a range from about 380 nanometres to about 740 nm, with a frequency range of about 405 THz to 790 THz. In physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not

Here is Class VII Chapter on Light -10 Questions

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  1. Hi,

    Mathematics and computer science are not natural sciences, applied sciences (technology) or social sciences.
    So, what kind of sciences are they?

    I found out that they may belong to constructive sciences or formal science but I am not sure.



  2. give me three kinds of bacteria that causes diseases

    and name me one kind of protist that causes disease and leave links that would be helpfull if you want 10pts

  3. I understand that as the light intensity increases the resistance decreases and vice versa in an LDR. But I don’t know why, shouldn’t it be the other way around because in the morning when there is high light intensity shouldn’t it there be high resistance to prevent any current to light up the bulb. And at night when there is low light intensity the resistance decreases to allow more current to light up the bulb. Thanks!

  4. What is more important to the self; science or a temprament and attitude of science in self.

    Is there any science which can help the self to enable and empower itself with knowledge and wisdom of self to enable and empower the self with an attitude and a temprament of science.

    What is this science; where can it be known and studied; how can it be practised. Can this science also help the self to enable and empower itself with knowledge and wisdom of any type and kind.
    Can we also use this science to help ourselves for enabling and empowering ourselves with that knowledge and wisdom which had been the cause, purpose, and reason of the existance, presence and working of self and the religion and god of self.

  5. I am getting ready to finish my basement and will be designing an area with backdrops, etc. so that I can take pictures of my son. I have a decent camera for a point and shoot (Canon A630)…and am hoping to start taking some portrait shots of my 1 year old. Since the basement has little to no natural light, I am wondering what type of lighting I should install in order to get quality photos. Do I need to invest in lighting specifically geared towards photography or can I re-create that type of lighting by finishing out the area with a certain type of light? I don’t know much about the different types of photography lighting available, but I can use some of the advanced options on my camera. I am definitely still an amatuer in photography, but I am hoping to improve. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated!


  7. Please read this before answering…

    I understand that visible light is transparent through glass, where as ultraviolet and infrared are not, and I understand how that works. I also understand that because of absorption and remission of light slows the light down as it’s passing through the glass.

    What I don’t understand is, what happens after the light has already passed through the glass? Does it resume its’ previous speed, or does it maintain the speed the glass created until the lights’ energy is absorbed completely?

  8. At my school I have many different math and science classes i can take after im done with the ones i need to take. I want to take a math and a science class that will help me better for when im in collage, then veterinarian school. For math, there is, pre-calculus, statistics, trigonometry/analytic geometry(one course), and business math. For science, there is, chemistry, physics, marine science, and anatomy/physiology(one course). Please help thank you!

  9. give me prof that scientific laws can change!

  10. For the past several days and sometime in my life i’ve always wondered about heaven. everything from the name to its stories. And then something really struck me. have you ever wondered why is heaven is referred to as the light. you know “come into the light” , movies, dreams, and other things have a “light at the end of the tunnel”, well my question is, is there some meaning of this? maybe reoccuring dreams of light shining and theres always someone there means something. maybe we have the science to say that light has other identities.or other meaning to mankind. ? i don’t know but, this is really fascinating.. just go outside on a bright shiny day and stare at the sun and you’ll feel some tranquility for those few seconds.

  11. I’m writing an essay on how literature and science affect the understanding of humanity and society. I’ve got the literature part down pretty well, but I am absolutely stuck on the science part. I have to choose either between natural sciences or human sciences and relate it to reason, but I don’t have any specific examples. Can you give me a few?

  12. I am doing an assignment (A2 level) on how increasing light intensity can increase the rate of photosynthesis.
    I am aware of the light dependent and light independent reactions of photosynthesis and just wondered if anyone could give me any deeper scientific knowledge on why exactly light does increase the rate of photosynthesis, and why plants are still able to photosynthesise in small amounts of light.
    (I know all about all the other limiting factors, I just need a little more depth on the lights effects)
    Any information would be great.

  13. I need to know some ways to change the viscosity of a liquid. I already have temperature, which is an obvious one. There are no sites that help me and I need more then one way. Please help!
    (grade 8 science)

  14. I have a recessed light on a 20 amp circuit. It is on a three outlet switch in a bathroom. I have the ceiling light, vent fan and recessed light on the same switch. Does the light have a heat overload sensor on it to keep it from getting too hot? The fan and ceiling light stay on while the recessed light will stay on and then go off. After a short time it will come back on. When it kicks off I have tried flipping the breaker and the switch, but it still takes time for it to come back on. Any ideas?

  15. I’ve heard that lighting is around 1% the speed of light, is this true? So is the speed of light a hundred times greater then lighting? Or is this wrong? How fast is lighting compared to the speed of light?


  16. I’m going to do a project based on what type of glue will work the best on different materials. Can anyone help me figure out what category that would fit in, you know, like Behavioral sciences, physical science, botony, ecology, those types of categories. Please, some help!

  17. I know java moss is the kind of plant that you can just leave in water and it will grow, but I’m wondering what kind of light it thrives under. It is a low-light plant – does that mean it CAN survive with very little light, or does it mean that it THRIVES under very little light? (ie, is it possible for java moss to suffer because it is getting too much light?)
    So basically, the more light the better?

  18. I know that there is a light bulb that is better than a fluorescent light bulb because i heard of it at a earth day event.
    Im not sure but i think the person said that it was brighter and conserves more energy than a fluorescent light bulb. The only reason that it isnt used as much is because it is much more expensive than a fluorescent light bulb.

    Can someone tell me what type of light bulb this is?

  19. I have a ceiling light with a pull chain in my attic. I want to add two additional ceiling lights with pull chains. I also want to add a switch so all three come on at once. I believe to do this, I can take the wire leading to the first light, wire the black and white to the switch, and the grown as well. Then run a new wire to the first light, and then to each subsequent light. Am I over simplifying?

  20. why_cant_i_be_me69
    June 14, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    I had the light in my kitchen on for approximately 45 minutes. It is a ceiling fan light with three different light bulb fixtures. We only have two light bulbs in two of the fixtures though. I was in my living room and heard a shattering of glass. I came into the kitchen and saw that the light bulb base was still screwed into the fixture but there was no glass on it.

    I do not understand what this could mean? It kind of worries me. Please help.

  21. I’m really sick of the yellow tint that incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs have, and am looking for something that produces clear white light. LED lights are clear, but a bulb full of those is really expensive. Does anyone know about halide lights, or another type of light?

  22. It’s purely antecdotal but it feels like the amount of science literacy has gotten worse in recent years. What can we do to reverse that trend? Should we throw money at it? Give incentives to schools that do well in science? Make the standardized tests harder? More scholarships for science majors? Start a new PR campaign that makes science cool? Have the government appoint someone as a Science Ambassador? What do you think would work best?

  23. I have limited science knowledge, currently studying economic in University. I would like to become a dermatologist to help others with their skin problems. Is it too late to start studying science, then apply for med school?

  24. gahhhh i hate science!

    anyway, we have to find manuplitive and responding variblies for my question. My question is how many of the barn owls prey are herbivores, omnivores, or carnivores. I neeeeeeeed help.
    btw, this is 6th grade Advanced Science.
    and please, no rude comments… i really need help.

  25. Religion pre-decides what nature is without much evidence or understanding of what nature is. Whereas science lets the experiments and the equations decide what nature is.

    She’s gonna come out as she is, and science is there to observe her as she is.

    But not religion. It pre-decides what she is. And it’s been demonstrated before that religion has been wrong; and it’ll be wrong again.

    And science is a continuous process. Science is always trying to understand her as she is. But not religion. Religion is stuck on seeing things in only religion’s way. And religion never likes to be corrected.

    Science and religion are incompatable.

  26. A) The light that passes though them is blue shifted due to the cloud’s approach.
    B) Its motion causes all light to be red shifted as it passes through these clouds.
    C) Its motion causes the light of stars beyond to twinkle.
    D) It dims and reddens the light of all more distant stars.
    E) Even a little can completely block all light, such as the Horsehead Nebula.

  27. I know a year is 365 days. A light year is supposed to be how far light could travel in a calendar year right? 186,000 miles per second is it?

  28. Didier Y EDUARDO XD
    November 22, 2012 at 7:35 PM

    Does light just mean with nonfat milk and no whipped cream?

  29. Also, why does red light travel faster than other colours of light? I know that it’s because of the wavelength/frequency. BUT how does this come about? Why do different colour lights have different wavelength or frequency?

  30. I need to light my greenscreen, for tomorrow. I’ve made a stand, I have the screen, now all I need is the lighting. I can’t afford nor have the time to buy professional reflectors, as sold on the internet. Is there any way to light it well with normal lights that I would have in my house?

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