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Take Your Test & Better Your Word Power

The third word power  test sets for increasing vocubalary was already for you a few weeks ago. Now here is the fourth one. Better  word knowledge  is an enthralling life long journey. New  words should to be collected, tasted, tried and tested , so that your speech and  writing  improve.The more choices you have in your vocabulary, the more likely you will communicate with clarity. Your language choices will have subtlety and depth, conveying more precisely and efficiently what it is you want to say.

Word Power Test-Fourth Set

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Comments ( 22 )

  1. I already passed this quest. So I can’t ask the lady for the words again. And I know the words appear in random order for everybody when you do the quest. I don’t need the words in order. All I need to know are the words for the incantation.

  2. if your born in australia to english parents, are you english or australian

  3. uma mesnina belieber
    April 5, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Divide the following word into its prefix, root, and suffix.


  4. If English is not your first language. And you are in desperate to learn how to read, write and speak advanced English. What is the easiest way to do so. Are there DVDs that are available out there

  5. What’s a word that means that you know how to creatively twist words? Or Having at interest/ knowing big words?

  6. What is the difference when it says words and/or spaced words? I am typing this thing and i need a certain number of words and there are 2 countings words and spaced words so which one do i follow?

  7. I want to learn better without paying anything to a private teacher.
    I can read and write and speak but i feel like my english skill is not perfect enough like native english speaker. I am also learning Spanish because i heard spanish will be easier to learn when i have perfect A+++ english skill like native english speaker.

    So, I want to improve my english skill better.
    What is your idea?

  8. vocabulary:
    Please give a not common word that starts with letter D.
    Please give also the meaning. And Please use it in a sentence.

    Thank You…

  9. I am started my job after I graduated from university. It has been a year. For my country, English language is secondary language. English language also occasionally used in my office.

    This is what I am doing:-
    -watching English movie/drama (I like Macgyver especially)
    -read literature such as poems
    -read English books example Fighting Fantasy

    I admit that I am not very good at pronunciation. My grammar is not bad though.
    Just wanted to know, is there any better way to improve my English skill/language? Either grammar or pronunciation may do so.

    Thank you.

  10. what are some girly key words

    like words that would discribe some1


  12. I have my first word power test pretty soon, and im guessing the tests are probably closley related for everyone who takes them. I dont need definitions, all i need to know are which words WILL BE ON the First word power test. Or could you tell me what you were tested on? Just to give me a brief general idea? Thanks!

  13. I read amphetamine and thought it meant amphibian. We all make mistakes like this sometime especially if the brain hasn’t thought you used those words in a while. Especially these 2 words that come from German or Greek and my mind is mostly on Japanese but those 2 words haven’t been used by me in a long time so there may have been some confusion. I’m going to put this in Words and Wordplay now to see if it receives more answers this time.

  14. What words should an eight month old most likely be able to say, if any at all? Are they usually just babbling in their own little language then or do they say words?

    Before you tell me to, I already looked on google and couldn’t find anything about the words an eight month old should be able to say (if any). This is research for my novel.

    By the way, the eight month old in my novel is a boy, if that helps, but I don’t really think it should effect the answer, but it might.

    Thanks! I really appreciate it!

  15. Hi. Guys. I wish you give me some advice about what dictionary to choose.

    I am learning not British English but American English definitely.

    I have a English Dictionary of Oxford but
    I am afraid that the dictionary is focused on British English.

    Please give me some help and it would be well appreciated.

  16. What Describing words start with the letter R, D, P, A, R,N, T, S
    nice words

  17. ipeamigosdelamision
    June 26, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    For instance, from written english interpretation of “Desu watashi no ohi” ? I realize this is not written in Japanese but rather in English pronunciation of that Japanese language. How do I translate from the english version of the Japanese to real english?

  18. I was wondering to myself as to the history behind Curse Words? Why wouldn’t a word like element have the same connotation as any other curse word? I personally find them more like passionate words (when you want extra emphasis in a sentence) and I know they didn’t come from the Bible saying thou shall not say ____ or _____ or ______ etc… So I come to you Yahoo! Answers, whats the scoop behind these controversial words, and why does etiquette deem certain words foul?

  19. I need a word that means more than happy. Like more than as happy as you can be. If that makes any sense. Real words or make up your own words, I don’t really care.

  20. I want religious wording on my wrist. Just a short little verse or maybe just one word but I want it to look better than just a word on my arm. I want it to look cool and meaningful. How can I guess in other words “spice” it up?

  21. I would like to know the differences



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