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Take a Quick Ten Questions Test on Indian Geography

India is a very vast country and is bestowed with majestic mountain, great rivers like ganga and Brahmaputra. A  great vast of area is surrounded by sea and ocean . India has deserts in north and and it also has place of highest rainfall in wolrd.  Following quiz on India geography will check your knowledge about Indian geography. Enjoy


Indian Geography

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Comments ( 21 )

  1. I have a project about the geography of India and I need ten Questions. I need help.

  2. May you please answer in at least 5-9 sentences? Thank you so much 🙂

  3. I have this homework and need 5 reasons (predictions/thoughts). I thought of 2 but am confused. I put:
    1. There were probably many crops because lots of land is fertile
    2. Ships were probably an important use of transportation because of all the rivers and oceans

  4. also how did geography influence political and cultural
    institutions of India and Greece?

  5. davina azalia khan
    May 31, 2012 at 8:30 PM

    i am a qualified student.doing masters in geography(final).i need a teaching job in india and abroad with good salary.please help me.

  6. One of my relative has done her BA in Geography and now interested in joining a course to become Dietitian. Are there any courses offered by some university/institute which can help her in getting a diploma/certificate in this domain through distance education?

  7. I have to write a one page essay on this prompt “Compare the ways in which India and China are developing economically”

    I looked through our book and I didnt find much, definitly not enough for a one page essay with good content.

    Any websites or anything helps, and if you are good with the economy and government in asian countires, email me because I have 3 other essays due within the next few weeks.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. How has it affected its relationship with other countries? Does the country seem to match the rest of the continent or is it uniquely made up in terms of demographics? How has geography affected India?

  9. What are the advantages and drawback of the Indian geography, with explanation and resources, please (most preferably books, or websites if there are any). Thank you!
    Can you relate the geography of India with the ancient Indian civilization and the partition of India? Thanks!

  10. 1.What is the relationship between a country and a state?

    2.Where do many rivers begin or have their sources:in oceans,mountains,and/or lakes?

    3.What is the difference between bay and peninsula?

    4.What is the capital of Indiana?

    5.How many of the fifty states are on the North American continent?

    6.Is there more water or land on Earth?

    7.What is the only ocean that the equator does not pass through?

    8.Name the three continents that are located mainly between the equator and the north pole?

  11. My geography teacher has set an unusual riddle/quiz for this week. He releases clues over 4 days, with each days clue more obvious.

    Here are this weeks three clues (so far):
    1) Light me up in the big time
    2) Colour me bronze
    3) Who is the Lord of my rings, within rings?

    I assume the answer is somewhere in space (very probably, our solar system). I think it is perhaps Saturn (given the rings – although it could relate to any planetary movement as orbits are elliptical anyway).

    Any thoughts? It can be on Earth, or occasionally out of earth.

  12. Somebody today said something about a website where you can take an online geography quiz, and it donates water based on how well you do. Does anyone know which site I’m talking about?

  13. I just did the geography quiz of the day on the National Geographic website. I’m having an irritating problem with one of the questions. The question asked “The famous colonial town of Williamsburg is located in which state?” And the answers were Delaware, Virginia, and Indiana. I clicked on Virginia, but then the quiz said I was wrong and that it was Indiana. I looked up Williamsburg, Indiana and it seems to be a nothing town with some Amish people. Nothing about being colonial. I’m finding this puzzling and wondering if this is either a trick question, or if National Geographic messed up. Here’s the link so you can see what I’m talking about. It’s the 9th question on the expert level.
    You can do the quiz in Apprentice mode to and get the same questions.
    I’m thinking about contacting them because I’m now 100% sure that this is a mistake. I mean who the heck has heard of Williamsburg Indiana?

  14. I’m looking for 10 questions about mega cities(cities with over 1 000 000 people living in them), most of my class have just done boring questions such as “name a mega city” I was just wondering if anyone had any interesting questions on this topic that they would wish to share, thanks in advance.

  15. Blckd By Jill Zarin
    October 5, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    Okay, so I am in my schools geography bee and I need like a website to quiz me on my knowledge. World Geography would be nice. I am really good at geography so…

    Any help would be great!
    By the book you mean just by reading and rote memorization? Okay, that’s what I’ve been doing lately. Congrats on getting to State in 2007! Last year an eighth grader beat me and I couldn’t even get to the school bee because my teacher had 8th and 7th, so now I want to go all the way.

  16. I love to quiz people to see if they know their stuff! No cheating (I.E. Google)
    1. 3 Largest cities in California?
    2. Where is Buenos Aires?
    3. Where is Montenegro?
    4. T/F is Pakistan in the middle east?
    5. Largest city in Europe (Population)
    6. Oldest city that is part of the USA (include territories)
    7. President of Mexico?
    8. What is BRIC?
    9. Name 4 Romance languages
    10. What two countries are on the island of Hispaniola?

  17. i am doing this quiz in geography and 1 of the questions is this!! i don’t even know what a willy-willy is!!! lol

  18. I’m looking for a game to play with my 9 & 10 years olds. Does anyone know the game Travel Buff? It looks so fun, but it says it’s for teens and I’m worried it’ll be too hard for them. What world geography games have you played and enjoyed? There are plenty of games out there, but all without actual user reviews and I’m not sure which would be the best one. Any recommendations?
    I actually just bought the Great States game. RE: World Geography, the site you mentioned is the one that got me all confused. 🙂 They have such a large variety and didn’t know which is the best world geo game.

  19. I have a lot of quizzes this year. I need study tips; fast! Thank you sooo much to anyone who answers with an honest (and helpful) answer!!!

  20. Dear all teachers, I seek your advices.

    I’m a teacher for history and geography class. I need advices and opinions on how to teach efficiently to my students and have them excel well in tests for these subjects.

  21. What are some good tips for studying for a college level geography map quiz? I have to know all the countries (for the particular continent), some cites, bodies of water, etc

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