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Synthetic fibers and Plastics -10 Multiple Choice Questions

synthetic_fibresSynthetic fibers and plastics are alternatives to cotton which is a natural fibers obtained from the cotton plant. These kind of fibers are  man-made fibers that come from chemical resources. Synthetic fibers are continuous filament fibers so that means that the fibers come in long lengths and so it doesn’t have to be spun out into yarn.Synthetic fibers are manufactured using plant materials and minerals: viscose comes from pine trees or petrochemicals, while acrylic, nylon and polyester come from oil and coal.

Synthetic fibers are manufactured by a number of processes using  petrochemicals. A polymer is made up of many repeating units called monomers.In contrast , the natural cotton ,  is a form of polymer called cellulose, which is made of a large number of glucose units.Fiber classification in reinforced plastics falls into two classes:

(i) short fibers, also known as discontinuous fibers, with a general aspect ratio (defined as the ratio of fiber length to diameter) between 20 to 60, and (ii) long fibers, also known as continuous fibers, the general aspect ratio is between 200 to 500

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