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Super Fast Sports Quiz to Test Your Knowledge

Readers must have enjoyed the recent sports quiz on EURO 2012 .Questions about sports and games of any sorts , be it football or cricket or hockey or base ball or athletics -are very important if one  wants to clear the competitive exams like UPSC or Management . Even other wise the general knowledge about of sports and games are an asset to any person , for he , in his daily conversions with freinds and collegaue , have to talk aboput games.sports quiz is fun.

Another super fast sports quiz

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Comments ( 17 )

  1. An Old Australian swimmer. 56 – 60 64 gold medal?
    Win of the 800m 2000 Olympics
    Bosten wheelchair marathon 8 times winnner?
    Gold medal Women wheelchair basketball team?
    South african breaststoker?
    One arm surfer ?

  2. I do not have a land line phone.I have only mobile phone.Can I get the prize.If i can please tell me the procedure

  3. 1 who is the only baseball team to come back from down 0 to 3 to win a postseason series
    2 who is the only super bowl MVP to play for a losing team
    3 what team has won the most Super Bowls and how many have they won
    4 what team has won the most world series and how many have they won


  4. Web search Shared
    March 20, 2012 at 10:54 AM

    In the 2006 world cup, at which round of the competition did Germany get knocked out?

    Who knocked them out?

    What was the score?

  5. help!!!

  6. media exam tomorrow and apparntly ” going for gold” has been taken :

  7. Im running a sports quiz in a week. I decided to try and mix every round up slightly so each round is a bit different so its not just a simple question and answer type thing.
    I just wandered if anyone had any ideas for a round. I.e A picture round or a Stadium round etc

  8. I do not do many sports right know. Also I do not have a lot of stamina but am an ok sprinter. Plus i do athletics already eg shot and discus and hammer so none of that please.

  9. this quiz is different. i have 3 sports baseball basketball and american football , i will ask 6 questions in each sport. you do not have to answer all sports but the more sports the higher chance you will win. the user with the most correct answer wins!

    1.who has the most homeruns in mlb history?
    2. who has the most total bases in one 9 inning game and how? ( 2 part question , 1 point for each part )
    3. who has the most strikeouts in one mlb game and how many?
    4. who is the only player to ever hit one grandslam right handed and one grandslam left handed in one game?
    5. who has the most hits in nine innings and how many?
    6. who is the only player to bat 300 hit 30 HR and get 100 RBIs in 10 straight years?

    1. how many 60 point games did wilt chamberlain have?
    2. who is the only nba player to average a triple double for the season?
    3. what is the most points scored in one quarter who were the two players who did it and what quarters were they? ( 5 part question )
    4. who has the most 3 pointers in nba history and how many?
    5. what team produced the most rookie of the year awards and how many?
    6. what is the most points scored in a playoff game and who scored them?

    1. what football player scored the most touchdowns in one half and how many?
    2. who has the most rushing attempts in a game and how many?
    3. who has the most rushing yards in a game and how many?
    4. how many touchdowns does brett favre have?
    5. who is the super bowl winner of 2010?
    6. how many touchdowns did jerry rice have?

  10. The answer for that question is “Rahul Dravid”. That question is about some children book. Please help me friends.

  11. So basically my game is a quiz about sports. the user has to enter his name and select the sport they want questions about. I am planning to ask questions on basketball, hockey, soccer or football (NFL). the program should ask the user three random questions based on these three sports and if they are correct the user should get 2 points. if they r wrong the computer should get two points. A message should also be displayed when the player wins or loses. My teacher said i have to make an array of questions and answers too before proceeding, but I need an example. so i need that too. If someone knows to make the game and send the code i will be very grateful.

  12. Your general warm-up should use total body aerobic-type exercises to………..increase heart rate, blood flow to working muscles, muscle temperature, rate and depth of breathing, and to…………….the lubricating fluids in your ………………………

    please and thank you 🙂

  13. my teacher gave us a sporting trivia quiz as homework, and I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere – do any of you know?

  14. I and a buddy of mine swear we know more than the other about sports and there’s only one way to settle it…sports trivia! But one problem, we dont know where to find sports trivia. Any ideas people?

  15. Ma 13 year old cousin wants a quiz making for his bebo and myspaces.
    What questions should I put in?

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