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Summer Facts

Summer is mostly a trip to the beach, vacationing at a colder place or sometimes, even curling up at home and becoming ‘couch potato’. It is the hottest of all the temperate seasons and occurs at different times throughout the world. While it occurs in June- August in Europe, April- June are summer months in India. Typically, summer in Northern hemisphere means winter in southern hemisphere and vice-versa. Schools are given holidays during summer to save the children from facing the harsh, sweltering heat. Statistically, movie theaters see a rise in box office collections during these months. People worldwide take advantage of the warm weather, especially in cold countries and spend most of their time outdoors. Sports like cricket, football, beach ball, volley ball, etc. are popular summer sports. Summers are followed by monsoon and are welcomed by all with great cheer and relief. However, owing to global warming and rise of temperature, monsoon has decreased in many places. Also, incidents like dehydration, sun stroke, drought, famine, etc. have increased in the recent times.

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