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Siachen Glacier: A Quiz

SIACHIN GALCIERSiachen Glacier is situated on the eastern Karakoram ranges in the Himalayas. It is the exact point where the line of Control between India and Pakistan ends. Sometimes referred to as ‘Third Pole’, it is an extremely glaciated region of Karakoram range. It is also the world’s highest battleground since the area is under dispute. Since 1984, the area has been under the Indian administration. Average winter snowfall in this region is 1000 cm and the temperatures can go as low as minus fifty degree Celsius. The US and Pakistani maps in 1970s showed a dotted line from the northernmost demarcated point of Line of Control to Karakoram Pass. This, according to India was a cartographic error and clear violation of Simla Agreement. This was the beginning of the Siachen conflict. Therefore, since 1984, there has been military occupation on this part.

Although constant glaciers and avalanches pose a threat to the life of the army personnel serving on these posts, yet, the place is under military occupation. In 2016 early, an avalanche that hit the region buried soldiers alive. However, 6 days later an army jawan was found alive surviving in an air pocket 35ft below.

Ten question quiz on Siachen glacier.

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