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Shareholders’ Democracy (Majority Rule & Minority Rights) – Quiz !

Shareholders’ Democracy – Majority Rule and Minority Rights

The concept of shareholders’ democracy in the present day corporate world denotes the shareholders’ supremacy in the governance of the business and affairs of corporate sector either directly or through their elected representatives.
Democracy means the rule of people, by people and for people. In that context the shareholders’ democracy means the rule of shareholders, by the shareholders, and for the shareholders in the corporate enterprise, to which the shareholders belong. Precisely it is a right to speak, congregate, communicate with company’s  shareholders and to learn about what is going on in the company.
Under the Companies Act the powers have been divided between two segments: one is the Board of Directors and the other is of shareholders. The directors exercise their powers through meetings of Board of directors and shareholders exercise their powers through General Meetings. Although constitutionally all the acts relating to the company can be performed in General Meetings but most of the powers in regard thereto are delegated to the Board of directors by virtue of the constitutional documents of the company viz. the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.

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