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Science and Technology UPSC: Part 1

Science and Technology pays a major role in our lives. Therefore, it is an important subject when it comes clearing many competitive exams like UPSC, PSC, etc. In this series of quiz there are questions that were asked in previous UPSC Prelims and some that are likely to be asked. The topics covered are mostly on government policies, actions taken, some basic principles of science and progresses made in technology.

Enjoy the quiz.

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  1. […] Given below on this page is a science quiz on Law, Theories and Discoveries which can use as a guide to evaluate and also improve the level of your informationĀ  about this topic. If a new property of a recognized product or article is found out, that is mere discovery and unpatentable due to the fact that discovery because of this has no technological impact and is for that reason not a development within the significance of Art. 52( 1) EPC. If, however, that residential or commercial property is put to functional usage, then this makes up an innovation which might be patentable. To discover a formerly unrecognised material taking place in nature is additionally simple discovery and also for that reason unpatentable. Nonetheless, if a substance located in nature can be shown to generate a technological impact, it could be patentable. Additionally, if a bacterium is discovered to exist in nature and to produce an antibiotic, the bacterium itself may also be patentable as one aspect of the invention. Likewise, a gene which is found to exist in nature could be patentable if a technological effect is disclosed, e.g. its usage in making a certain polypeptide or in gene treatment. Click here for Quiz onĀ  Science and Technology UPSC […]

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