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Salsa Dance: 10 Question Quiz

Salsa dance was created in the 19th century by the adopting the moves from various other dances forms that were displayed by the immigrants there. The basics are a culmination of various dance moves by immigrants who migrated to Latin America to lead a better life. It combines Rumba of Africa, Troubadour music and Flamenco dance of Spain, Son of Cuba and Danzon of Haiti and French. While the music was basically troubadour music from Spain the instrument used were mostly African musical instruments. The dance is very fast-paced and the moves are attention grabbing. It is said that a Salsa a day keeps unwanted fat away. This is mostly because the moves are concentrated on the hips and the movement of other body parts is very little.
In this quiz, you would learn about salsa dance’s origin, evolution and techniques.

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