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RLV-TD which is Reusable Launch Vehicle- Technology Demonstrator is a winged-flight vehicle which can launch satellites into space. This is for the first time that a winged flight vehicle was launched by India. It is launched by Indian Space Research Organisation. The launching was done on 23rd May, 2016 at Thiruvananthapuram. Reusable Launch Vehicle- Technology Demonstrator is a supersonic flight experiment. It glided back into the Bay of Bengal after launching. Considered as India’s own space shuttle, it helps reduce the cost and gives a reliable, on-demand space access as per the ISRO scientists.
In this quiz, you shall learn 10 such things that would help you learn the significance and specialty of RLV-TD.

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A former agricultural scientist Dr. Indira VMD has turned to writing (pen name- Ira Periyavallur) since she believes knowledge acquired must be shared. She has penned books on gardening and agriculture for the common man in a bid to encourage farming and environmental awareness. Apart from a writer she is also a classical dancer and teaches special kids at her institute 'Nrutyadhyeya Vidyalaya'.

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