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Rio 2016 Olympics: 12 To Go

Rio 2016 Olympics is just round the corner and the world is gearing to witness the best athletes perform their feats on this prestigious platform. In this countdown series upto the main Olympics event, here are some facts about the Olympic medals. It is interesting to note the change in trends of the awards. While there was only one winner in the ancient Olympics, it increased to one winner and 2 runner-ups in the modern ones. The Olympics of the 1900 had trophies and cups given to the winners. Medals were re-introduced in 1904 at the Olympics event in St. Louis, Missouri, United States.
The previous quiz was about the rules for qualification into Olympics, this quiz deals with the medals given away to the winners. It covers a bit about the history of medals and a bit about the medals of Rio 2016 Olympics.

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  1. […] An award is something provided to an individual, a team of individuals, or an organization to acknowledge their excellence in a particular field; a certificate of quality. Awards are typically signified by trophies, titles, certifications, celebratory plaques, medals, badges, pins, or ribbons. An award may lug a monetary prize provided to the recipient; for example, the Nobel Prize for contributions to culture or the Pulitzer Prize for literary success. An award could also simply be a public recommendation of quality, without any substantial token or prize of excellence. Click here for quiz on Rio 2016 Olympics […]

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