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Registers and Returns – Requirements Part 2 Quiz!

Registers and Returns – Requirements

Companies Act either it is newly enacted 2013 or previous 1956 mandates various registers and returns to maintained for various concerned person of the company like members, debenture holders etc. Companies Act not only mandates the requirement of certain registers and returns but also prescribes the  direction relating to information needs to be provided in such registers and their preservation period as well.Act also enumerates the authorities which can make entries in such registers and responsible for the preservation.At the same time, Act not only requires maintenance of registers it also returns to be filed to prescribed authority on happening of certain events

We can say that Registers and Returns play important role in statutory, statistical, disclosure, information management requirements of the company. Objective behind such registers and  returns is not only statutory requirement, but these are also helpful for the smooth functioning of the company. These records make the company’s working more systematic. The company is required to keep these records with in the vicinity of the place prescribed for it by the laws.

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