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Reconstruction – Ten Question Quiz to test Yourself !


When a company has been making losses for a number of years and the financial position does not present a true and fair view of the state of the affairs of the company. In such a company the assets are overvalued, the assets side of the balance sheet consists of fictitious assets, useless intangible assets and debit balance in the profit and loss account. Such a situation does not depict a true picture of financial statements and shows a higher net worth than what the real net worth ought to be. In short the company is over capitalized. Such a situation brings the need for reconstruction.
Reconstruction is a process by which affairs of a company are reorganized by revaluation of assets, reassessment of liabilities and by writing off the losses already suffered by reducing the paid up value of shares and/or varying the rights attached to different classes of shares. It means reconstruction of a company’s financial structure. Reconstruction of company’s financial structure can take place either with or without the liquidation of the company.

Here is a ten question quiz.

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