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Quizzes on Agriculture Sector in India : 10 Multiple Choice Questions

Attempt the quizzes on agriculture sector in India and improve your overall knowledge. Agriculture plays a vital role in India’s economic climate. Over 58 percent of the country households depend on agriculture as their principal methods of resources. Farming, along with fisheries and also forestry, is just one of the largest contributors to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Based on price quotes by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), the share of farming as well as allied industries (consisting of agriculture, animals, forestry and fishery) was 15.35 per cent of the Gross Value Added (GVA) during 2015-16 at 2011-12 costs. India is the largest manufacturer, consumer and exporter of seasonings and also flavor items. India’s fruit production has actually expanded faster than vegetables, making it the second biggest fruit producer on the planet. India’s horticulture output, comprising fruits, veggies as well as seasonings, is estimated to be 283.4 million tonnes (MT) in 2015-16 after the 3rd sophisticated price quote. It ranks 3rd in farm as well as agriculture outcomes. Agricultural export makes up 10 per cent of the country’s exports as well as is the fourth-largest exported primary commodity. The agro sector in India is divided right into several below sectors such as canned, dairy, refined, frozen food to fisheries, meat, poultry, and food grains. Click here for Quiz on Agricultural Economics


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  1. […] Wildlife consists of animals, birds, pests along with the aquatic life forms. They provide us milk, meat, hides and also woollen. Bugs like provide us honey, help in pollination of blossoms and have a crucial function to play as decomposers in the ecosystem. The birds feed upon insects as well as work as decomposers also. Marauder because of its ability to prey on dead livestock is a scavenger as well as considered a vital cleanser of the environment. So animals large or tiny, all are indispensable to preserving balance in the environment. Click here for Quizzes on Agriculture Sector in India […]

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