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History of India : 10 Quiz

History of India

Created by Pixabay

History of India and its civilization dates back to at least 6500 BC which possibly makes the oldest surviving people worldwide.So many events  have occurred in India over thousands of years on all parts of India , which is the subject matter for historian, that a through study of Indian history is very difficult. The very first of the Mughal emperors, Babur, in spite of his keen visual feeling, did not have the time to launch a collective program of building. The mosque developed by him at Ayodhya – the Babri Masjid– is now record history. The garden of Bagh-e Babur  is the final resting area of the first Mughal Emperor, Babur. Although present-day Afghanistan was not Babur’s original homeland.He was born in Ferghana in present-day Uzbekistan.He really felt adequately enamoured of Kabul that he preferred to be buried here. When Babur passed away in 1530 he was initially buried in Agra against his wishes. In between 1539 and 1544 Sher Shah Suri, a competitor of Babur’s boy Humayun, fulfilled his desires and interred him at Babur’s Garden.Click here for another history quiz on  Vedic Age -Aryans Period

Quick 10 MCQ on History of India

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