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Quiz on US Post Civil War and Reconstruction Period : 10 MCQs

In 1861, the United States faced its biggest situation to that time. The northern and also southern states had actually become much less and also much less alike socially, economically, politically. The North had ended up being increasingly commercial and also business while the South had remained mainly agricultural. More vital compared to these differences, nonetheless, was African-American slavery. The “strange organization,” greater than any other solitary thing, divided the South from the North. Northerners usually wanted to limit the spread of enslavement; some wished to abolish it entirely. Southerners typically wished to preserve or even broaden the organization.Click here for Quiz on U.S Civics

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  1. […] It was a period of sustained financial success with an unique social edge in the United States, Canada and Western Europe, particularly in significant cities such as New York City, Montreal, Chicago, Detroit, Paris, Berlin, London and also Los Angeles. In France as well as Quebec, it was called the “années folles” (“Crazy Years”), stressing the age’s social, imaginative as well as social dynamism. Jazz songs developed, the flapper redefined modern womanhood, Art Deco came to a head, and also, following hyper-emotional nationalism after World War I, normalcy went back to national politics. This period saw the massive use autos, telephones, motion pictures, radio, as well as electrical energy; commercial, guest, as well as products aeronautics; in addition to unmatched industrial growth, sped up consumer demand, plus substantial changes in way of living and also culture. The media concentrated on celebs, particularly sports heroes and also film celebrities, as cities rooted for their residence groups and filled up the new palatial cinemas as well as big sporting activities stadiums. In most major countries, ladies won the right to vote. Click here for Quiz on US Post Civil War and Reconstruction Period […]

  2. […] this Multiple Choice Quiz on Post Civil War and Reconstruction and check how much you can score. The Civil War (1861-65) was probably the most […]

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