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Quiz on U.S. Imperialism and the Progressive Movement : 10 Facts

This following section consist of Quiz on U.S. Imperialism and the Progressive Movement.Take the quiz and improve your overall knowledge. When a stronger nation takes control of a weak one, its actions are called imperialism. Europe had actually been associated with expansionism for centuries. Now around the millenium, the United States would give it a try. With the western front shut, some in the United States came to be interested in new frontiers. It appears that colonialism did not stop at the California coastline. If America was to patronize the Far East, it would require some navy bases in the Pacific. The concept that the United States ought to acquire brand-new areas was called expansionism, and the people that sustained it were called expansionists. . Click here for Quiz on The US Constitution and Early US Government

Test your knowledge on U.S. Imperialism and the Progressive Movement

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