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Quiz on Theories & Laws : 10 Facts


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Attemp this Theories & Laws quiz and check how much you can score. Law and economics has developed in a variety of directions. One important trend has been the application of game theory to legal problems. Other developments have been the incorporation of behavioral economics into economic analysis of law, and the increasing use of statistical and econometrics techniques. Within the legal academy, the term socio-economics has been applied to economic approaches that are self-consciously broader than the neoclassical tradition.

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  1. […] The Judicial System (also called the court system) is the system of courts that interprets and also uses the law in the name of the state. The Judicial System also provides a mechanism for the resolution of disputes. In some countries, under doctrines of separation of powers, the judiciary normally does not make law (which is the obligation of the legislature) or impose legislation (which is the obligation of the executive), but rather analyzes regulation and also uses it to the realities of each case. In various other countries, the judiciary can make law, known as Common Law, by establishing precedent for various other judges to comply with, instead of Statutory Law made by the legislature. The Judiciary is typically tasked with ensuring equivalent justice under legislation. Click here for Quiz on Theories & Laws : 10 Facts […]

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