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Quiz on The Era of Discontent : 20 MCQs


Test your knowledge on the era of Discontent and check how much you can score. 

In 1763, British power extended from India to North America and the Caribbean, but the expense of developing the realm was high. Britain was encountering a substantial postwar financial debt and also already‐high taxes in addition to the have to finance the management of its newly obtained lands. The British expected the American colonies, which prospered throughout the Seven Years’ War via financially rewarding armed forces contracts despite added tax obligations, to assume a minimum of part of the monetary worry. Did you test your knowledge on Early English Colonies ?

The homesteaders had assumptions also: unfettered access to western lands, for example. Although many considered themselves English subjects and were proud to have assisted Britain win an empire, a sense of American identity was establishing. The colonists had actually obtained greater control over their lives during the battle, through their colonial settings up’ rigorous concessions from imperial guvs as the cost for raising revenue, and whether the homesteaders would certainly once again meekly accept the role of royal topic was unknown.

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Test your knowledge on The Era of Discontent

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