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Quiz on Swami Vivekananda : 10 MCQs

swami_vivekanandaSwami Vivekananda was the great religious hero of our country. He is known as Swamiji all over the world. Narendranath was his early name. He was born on the 12th January in A.D. 1863 at Kolkata in a Dutta family. Biswanath Dutta was his father and his mother Bhubaneswari  Devi was a pious lady. As a boy, he was very restless and spirited. The boy was very much curious to know everything, even one day he sat meditation to know and see God. He read in Metropolitan Institution and passed the Matriculation Examination from that school. He had his B.A degree with Honours in Philosophy from the Scottish Church College in 1884.

From his boyhood, Narendranath was in search of God. Has anybody seen God? This was his question to everybody he met. No answer satisfied him. At last, he came in touch with a religious teacher who showed him God in everybody. He attained realization. He became a monk and the best disciple of his teacher Ramkrishna. He travelled all over India on foot. He attended the Parliament of Religion at Chicago in 1893 and preached the Universal Brotherhood and the religion of Humanity. He built up Belur Math and Ramkrishna Mission in A.D. 1897. This great soul passed away on July 4, A.D. 1902. Click here for another  Quiz on Vivekananda Rock Memorial

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