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Quiz on Pastoralists,Peasants And Farmers : 10 MCQs

In this quiz you will read about Pastoralists,Peasants And Farmers.Take this quiz and grow your overall knowledge. Bugyals of eastern Garhwal are vast natural pastures on the high mountain, above 12,000 feet. They are under snow in the winter and come to life after April. At this time the entire mountainside is covered with a variety of grasses, roots and herbs. By monsoon, these pastures are thick with vegetation and carpeted with wild flower. Gujjar cattle herders live in mandaps made of ringal ‘a hill bamboo’and grass from the Bugyal. the mandaps are at about 10,000 to 11,000 feet of height because buffaloes cannot climb higher. This was also a workplace for the Gujjars because here they used to make ghee for sale . In recent years they have begun to transport the milk directly in buses and trucks.

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