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Quiz on Multipurpose Projects of India : 10 Quick Questions

Water Resources Projects are prepared for numerous purpose like irrigation, Hydro Power Generation, Water Supply for Drinking and commercial function, Flood control, navigation etc. Projects which offers more then one objective are called as Multipurpose Projects. Typically majority of multipurpose Projects are mix of irrigation and Hydro-power. A Multipurpose Projects is a big range hydro Projects commonly including dams for water retention, canals for irrigation, water processing and pipe lines to supply water to cites and power generation. These usually consist of transport improvements and industrial growth. They are also developed to decrease the threats of flooding. Positives: 1) Eliminates or decreases flooding 2) takes water for later use irrigation, human intake, industrial consumption 3) lake fisheries 4) power generation 5) transportation 6) entertainment Negatives. They bring about the variation of human, plants, pets, mainly from tiny tribal communities; disrupt downstream fisheries; raise the risk of tribal neighborhoods; disrupt downstream fisheries; enhance the danger of and also threaten the vulnerable local ecosystem through reducing, the flow of water from the rivers into the seas. These tasks originally ruin human lives and also biodiversity by flooding hundreds of acres of forests and also agricultural land. They weaken the productive agricultural soils because of continuous watering (rather the seasonal irrigation which hinges on the downpour), as well as salinization, making the soil harmful to lots of plant varieties. Multi-purpose river valley projects virtually constantly involve construction of a large dam. That gives flooding control, electrical generation, and also watering water for ranches. The negative aspects are commonly ignored by developing countries. Click here for Quiz on Indian Geography

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