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Quiz on India’s Agriculture

India's AgricultureAgriculture Demographics 2010-11, India’s total area under watering is 64.7 million hectares. Of this optimum 45 % is shared by tube wells followed by Canals and wells.

The central  government had actually provided substantial significance to the development of command area under canals. In 1950-51, the Canal irrigated area was 8.3 million hectares and it currently stands at 17 million hectares. Regardless of that, the relative importance of Canals has actually come down from 40 % in 1951 to 26 % in 2010-11. On the other hand, the well as well as tube well accounted for 29 % complete irrigated area and now they discuss 64 % of the overall irrigated location. This suggests that “despite of heavy public expense on canals, our federal governments have not been able to decrease the groundwater exhaustion” done by the amazing progression of the tube wells in last several decades. The vital reason is broadening gap in between irrigation prospective created as well as actually used.

India has the sole difference of growing all the four grown types of cotton as well as their intra and also inter-specific hybrids. In India, cotton is grown in three distinct aggro-ecological areas, viz., Northern (Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan), Central (Gujarat, Maharashtra and also Madhya Pradesh) and also Southern zone (Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka).

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