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Quiz on Indian Depository Receipt – Part 2 !

Indian Depository Receipt

Being global in this era of globalisation is not so tedious task. Everyone, whether it is business or it is investor wants to access the market for its needs. Indian Depository Receipt is one of such kind of instrument which provides access to foreign companies for procurement of funds and at the same gives a way to the Indian investors for investing their funds into a foreign company in form of Indian Depository Receipt.

Since Indian Depository Receipt is an interesting opportunity for the companies to procure funds and getting the global recognition as well. This process involves various parties such as domestic depository and overseas custodian bank. Apart from legislation of its home country issuer of Indian Depository Receipt also requires compliance of various legislations made by concerned Indian authorities. Standard Chartered Bank issued first in the 2010.
Here is a second quiz on Indian Depository Receipt.

Indian depository receipt part 2

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