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Quiz on Food & Health : 10 MCQs

Food and Health is the excellent topic in Science for students. Attempt this quiz and check how much you can score.  Food has been given a very significant place in our lives because it is our primary requirement. It is our basic need because it is the source of mental and physical energy. The food that we eat, not only effects our body and the efficiency of our mind but directly effects our nature and habits. The Knowledge of balanced diet is therefore indispensable to “Good health”.

Test your knowledge on Food & Health

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  1. […] Food preservation involves avoiding the development of bacteria, fungi (such as yeasts), or other micro-organisms (although some methods work by introducing benign microorganisms or fungis to the food), as well as reducing the oxidation of fats that create rancidity. Food conservation may likewise include procedures that inhibit visual wear and tear, such as the chemical browning response in apples after they are reduced throughout food preparation. Several processes designed to protect food will certainly include a number of food conservation approaches Protecting fruit by transforming it into jam, for instance, includes steaming (to minimize the fruit’s wetness web content as well as to kill germs, and so on), sugaring (to avoid their re-growth) and also sealing within an impermeable container (to stop recontamination). Some conventional techniques of maintaining food have been revealed to have a reduced power input and carbon footprint, when compared to modern-day methods. Click here for Quiz on Food & Health […]

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