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Quiz on End of the Cold War, the 1970s to the Present : 10 Facts

Attempt this End of the Cold War, the 1970s to the Present quiz and check how much you can score.  The Cold War (1962 to 1979) describes the phase within the Cold War that covered the period between the aftermath of the Cuban Missile Crisis in late October 1962, via the détente duration beginning in 1969, to the end of détente in the late 1970s. The United States kept its Cold War interaction with the Soviet Union throughout the period, despite inner preoccupations with the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Civil Rights Movement and also the resistance to United States participation in the Vietnam War.

In 1968, Eastern Bloc participant Czechoslovakia attempted the reforms of the Prague Spring and also was ultimately gotten into by the Soviet Union and also various other Warsaw Pact participants, that renewed the Soviet design. By 1973, the United States had withdrawn from the Vietnam War. While communists obtained power in some South East Asian countries, they were split by the Sino-Soviet Split, with China relocating closer to the Western camp, complying with US President Richard Nixon’s check out to China. In the 1960s and also 1970s, the Third World was progressively separated in between governments backed by the Soviets (such as Libya, Iraq and also Syria), federal governments backed by NATO (such as Saudi Arabia), and an expanding camp of non-aligned countries. The Soviet and also other Eastern Bloc economic climates remained to stagnate. Worldwide inflation occurred complying with the 1973 oil crisis.

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