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Quiz on Dr. Amartya Sen : 10 MCQs


Created by Wikimedia

Dr. Amartya Sen, a famous scholar in Economics, was born at Shantiniketan on November 3 , 1933. Dr. Asutosh Sen is his father and his mother is Smt. Amita Sen .He completed his early education at Shantiniketan. Then after he read in the Presidency College at Kolkata. He obtained his Master Degree from Calcutta University, and set out for Cambridge in 1953. When he was only 19, for higher studies and research works. Back home, he joined Jadavpur University as a teacher and taught there from 1956 to 1958.

As a professor he worked in Delhi University from 1963 to 1971. He then joined Oxford University and taught there for three years. He became the Professor of Economics and Philosophy at Harvard for eleven years.For his outstanding works in Economics, he received award and honours from all corners of the world . He was rewarded with the Nobel for Economics in 1998. He has written some famous books on Economics . His brilliant work is Welfare Economics. At present he holds the most prestigious appointment as the Master of Trinity college where he once entered as a student.

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