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Quiz on Antebellum Cultural Movements and Manifest Destiny : 10 Quick Question

The following section consist of Antebellum Cultural Movements and Manifest Destiny. Take the quiz and check how much you can score. The Antebellum Period in American history is usually considered to be the duration prior to the civil war as well as after the War of 1812, although some historians broaden it to all the years from the adoption of the Constitution in 1789 to the beginning of the Civil War. It was identified by the rise of abolition as well as the gradual polarization of the nation in between activists and supporters of slavery. During this very same time, the nation’s economic climate began changing in the north to producing as the Industrial Revolution began, while in the south, a cotton boom made plantations the center of the economic situation. The addition of new area and also western growth saw the reinforcement of American individualism and also of Manifest Destiny, the concept that Americans and the organizations of the United States are ethically premium as well as Americans are morally bound to spread these organizations. Click here for Quiz on The Cold War and Postwar America : 10 Quick MCQs

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