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Quiz on American Revolutionary War : 10 Quick Question

Quiz on American Revolutionary War

Penderra / Pixabay

The following section consist of Quiz on American Revolutionary War. The American Revolutionary War (1775 to 1783), additionally referred to as the American War of Independence, was a world war that started as a problem between Great Britain and also her Thirteen Colonies, which stated freedom as the United States of America. After 1765, growing thoughtful and also political differences strained the relationship between Great Britain and also its swarms. Complying With the Stamp Act, Patriot protests against tax without representation escalated into boycotts, which finished in the Sons of Liberty damaging a shipment of tea in Boston Harbor. Britain reacted by closing Boston Harbor and passing a collection of punitive measures against Massachusetts colony. Massachusetts colonists reacted with the Suffolk Resolves, and also they established a shadow government which wrested control of the countryside from the Crown. Twelve swarms created a Continental Congress to coordinate their resistance, establishing boards and also conventions that efficiently seized power. Click here for another American Road to Revolution Quiz

Test your knowledge on American Revolutionary War

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