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Quiz on Amendment of the Constitution of India : 10 Multiple Choice Questions

Amendment of the Constitution of India is the procedure of making adjustments to the nation’s essential law or supreme legislation. The treatment of amendment in the constitution is laid down partially XX (Article 368) of the Constitution of India. This treatment ensures the sacredness of the Constitution of India and keeps a look at approximate power of the Parliament of India.

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  1. […] Published on December 11, 2016 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Attempt this quiz on┬áSource and Features of the Constitution of India and check how much you can score. A number of the features can be claimed to have actually sourced/ influenced/ borrowed from multiple resources. For instance, India has a government plan with solid centre. This feature was in Govt. of India Act 1935 and also in Constitution of Canada. Similarly, Fundamental civil liberties were not only affected from United States constitution but additionally the Universal declaration of Human legal rights. Better, the Constitution Declares the Indian State to be sovereign, democratic, republic and from 1977 secular and also socialist. Each of these ideas is intertwined with the social and political history of human being, battle of concepts and system of Governance. The American Revolution, The French Revolution, The Russian Revolution and India’s own flexibility battle added to these concepts. The ideal of Republic can not be stated to be borrowed from any kind of one constitution. Click here for Quiz on Amendment of the Constitution of India […]

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