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Quick Test on Pictorial Indian Monuments Quiz

India is an ancient country rich in monumental heritage and are evidence of  of India’s authentic architectural and historical details. Some of them  Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Red Fort, Konark temple, Agra Fort, Ajanta caves, Humayun’s tomb and the walled city of Fatehpur Sikri are associated with king and their love and war stories.General Knowledge on Indian monumnets are very important . These monuments owe their execution to the imagination of men who dared to extend their ideas to the farthest limits of human thought.From the pinnacle of architecture – Taj Mahal to the timeless erotic temples of Khajuraho, from the exquisite and mega-sized temples of South India to the heavenly peaceful monuments of Ladakh, India perhaps has the most versatile architectural styles showcased in its monuments.

Test Yourself  on Pictorial Indian Monuments Quiz

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Comments ( 20 )

  1. I have made a project on temples of south india, so I just want the conclusion on it. the topics of the temples are meenakshi, mahabalipuram, thiruvananthapuram, somnath.

  2. Anything will help like architecture differences or anything really!

  3. In most of Shiva temples in North India, i can personally do abhishekam for Lord Shiva while in South India, the poojari does the abhishekam and gives the water to the devotees. Why so much difference in rituals when the deity is the same? Are different Agamas followed in Northern and Southern temples?

    Pls dont post hate comments. You will be reported.

  4. In Kaliamma & Mariamma Hindu temples of Tamil Nadu state of India every year a young adult boy is wrapped in a saffron coloured cloth & carried to temples by many & sacrificed i.e., killed for some religious purpose I do not know. Shall such killings continue in a civilized human society ? How is the boy selected ? How do the parents allow ? In a Hindu temple in Karnataka state, once a year on a day after special worship, many ladies come out of the temple & run on the roads of the city in nude, some with ten year old son too. In Yelamma temple of South India , prostitution is allowed & considered good works. There are similar smaller temples nearby. In many temples ladies called devdasis( maid servants of God) are put into prostitution legally. Is that religious in those areas ? I don’t know. Can anybody clarify why at all such things happen with human beings in India ?

  5. Georgia Sapounas
    March 22, 2012 at 5:38 PM

    I have heard that you have to get your hairs cut if your wish is fulfilled at Tirupati temple, so is it really true that whatever wish you want to get fulfilled is granted at Tirupati temple?

    Are almost all people get their wish granted there whoever go there?

  6. What was the temple of south India Acted As In Harshavardhana age

  7. I have heard that in many temples in south India, there are basicallt two big shower rooms-one for men and the other for women. Inside the room the stands are not covered and one needs to bathe in full view of other ladies/men using the room. Is this true?

  8. Pls gimme the name and the year of temple builded.what is written in the inscription of that oldest temple in north India? whether it is sanskrit or hindi?Thanks in advance

  9. Hi i’m from Australia and will be visiting South India from the 11/04/09 till the 24/04/09.
    Just wondering if anyone could suggest any CHEAP approximately 10 day temple tours of south india (tamil nadu).
    Any help would be much appreciated!

  10. How and when dravid Jain temples of South India got converted to vedic temples?

    However ASI Madurai branch has already confirmed the facts with historical and archaeological research.

  11. They don’t allow to enter else in Temples.
    Even in Nepal South Indian Hindus are considered to be pure and preferred as Pujari there.

  12. I juz wanna know TAMIL is older than Sanskrit or not.Most of the ancient temples are in South India only..I know Aryan Race theory is false.

  13. Simhanandini is a temple dance form of South India. It is popular in Hyderabad and is said to have Kuchipudi’s influence. The dancer paints using her feet while she dances with color powders.

  14. I stay in Ahmedabad, And I am planning to visit south India during Oct-Nov. Places I would like to visit are Bangalore, Mysore, Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Madurai and Munnar. I have 15 days to visit this places. We are a group of 11 persons. Please help me out in planning my route. Is there any option to hire taxi or bus from bangalore?

  15. Hi Friends,
    I am basically new to trivandrum, in fact new to whole south India.
    Now I am going home this Diwali and wanted to take something for my parents
    Please tell me something famous or unique, which I can find in Trivandrum and Where exactly I can find it in Trivandrum.

    I have heard of some sarees are famous here. Can you please confirm and suggest me good shops for the same.

  16. There are so many temples in South India built by the Cholas, Pandais, Pallavas, Hoysalas, Vijayanagaras etc from 200 AD – 1600 AD. But these majestic empires don’t have any palaces left behind. Why is it so? Where did these Empires rule from? If there is any, do let me know?

  17. Where is Shree Vanjiyam located in south india. Please let me know where Shree Vanjiyam is located in south india and what is the nearest town to reach the place

  18. During my recent visit to different parts of South India I found wonderful stone sculptures, murals, caves, temples etc. I am interested to exchange views and knowledge about origin of tools used & technology deployed. I am also interested to know role of trade & traders to introduce developed implements / instruments in the society that affected culture of & economic anthropology of the society.

  19. I want to visit rameswaram on 26th jan,on the day solar eclipse will be seen in south india.I want to know whether temples will be closed during that period.

  20. […] Test your knowledge on the Famous Places in World and check just how much you can score.Everybody knows the most famous landmarks in the world.Each of these social symbols is a symbol with various meanings, it may represent an epoch, a location, a belief, a culture, a nation or a city. A monument is a sort of framework either explicitly created to celebrate an individual or important occasion or which has become crucial to a social team as a part of their remembrance of historical times or cultural heritage, or just as an instance of historical design.Click here for Pictorial Indian Monuments Quiz […]

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