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Quick Test of Your Knowledge on Indian Economy-2

Almost all exams have questions from economics . The Economy of India is the ninth largest in the world by nominal GDP and the fourth largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). The country is a part of the G-20 major economies and the BRICS, in addition to being partners of the ASEAN. India has a per capita GDP (PPP) of $3,586 (IMF, 129th) as per 2010 figures, making it a low-middle income country.

10 Quick Quiz  on Indian Economy-2

Test quiz description

Comments ( 26 )

  1. Matthew DuBanevich
    March 4, 2012 at 12:18 AM

    You have a choice to either major in Quantitative Economics or Economics. I am not afraid of all the math required, I just want to know what the difference is and if the quantitative will make me more marketable.

  2. My first time studying a 1st yr economics course. The textbook seems very dense (economics by christopher ts ragan). The teacher supplements very little practise material. Any suggestions for practise sample question books/how to get the most out of my reading?

  3. I used to use this recipe and lost it a long time ago. It was a favorite and I would love to have it again. None of the others I’ve tried have been as good and I can’t find it anywhere. It made them nice and flat and chewy.
    Thank you for the recipe but it’s still not what I’m looking for. They are to puffy. I’m looking for cookies that will be flat and chewy.

  4. Or Does anyone have a better suggestion for a destination. We’d like to go someplace that is unusual and interesting.

  5. CAn someone please help me with this questions , thanks:

    1.Suppose you own a video rental store. List some of the fixed inputs and variables inputs you would use in operating the store.

    2.Ace Manufacturing produces 1,000 hammers per day. The total fixed cost for the plant is $5,000 per day, and the total variable cost is $15,000 per day. Calculate the average fixed cost, average variable cost, average total cost, and total cost at the current output level.

  6. From a supply perspective, the higher the price of a good, the _______of that good will be produced.
    a. less
    b. more
    c. same amount
    d. duplicate

  7. economics is merely allocating resources but it is much more then that

  8. Wanting to book florida for my 21st, i’ve been made redundant as of march and wanting to go in may time, so im trying to do it on a budget, i found a deal for this hotel which is really good, just wondering if anyones stayed here and what your thoughts on the place are?

  9. quentin rohrbaugh
    April 20, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    The question is a prompt for which I have to write an essay for my economics class. I have no idea what to write! I know next to nothing about economics, and it has to be five paragraphs. Thanks in advance for any help!

  10. AshleyTisdaleorg
    May 1, 2012 at 1:17 PM

    My husband and i are planning our 1 year wedding anniversary and we want to go to Wisconsin Dells this month. He’s not into water so in door water parks are out of the question. Also, we are more interested in spending money on the attractions out their rather than the hotel. I found a hotel called the Econo Lodge and its in the price range has anyone heard of it???? Or been their and wanna share their experience???

  11. My original major is Japanese, but i’m planning on double majoring, but I don’t know what would be more useful a degree in economics or a degree in Asian studies with a concentration in economics.

    What should I do?

  12. What role does influencing human behavior play in economics? In the midst of the recession(which began in 2007 but no one acknowledged till months later) we, the educated ones, were whispered that we mustn’t say ‘recession’ because telling the truth about the recession would only exacerbate it. I see however many times on Fox News and others attempts at shaping the mind and social behavior in such a way as to influence economic and financial behavior of its viewers and society at large.
    If economics can be boiled down to influencing human behavior, not simply predicting it, how valid a science is economics?

  13. Hello. My two friends and I are going to the Tacoma Dome. We are probably going to stay in the Econo Lodge in Federal Way for a night. Do I need a credit card? All I have is a debit card. I’m 18.

  14. The main drive belt between the engine and transmission runs over two pulleys. The upper pulley is actually two pulleys side by side. The belt currently sits in the groove furthest away from the engine.

    Why are there two grooves? Is the other to make the tiller crawl slower?
    I forgot to say, this is for a Troy-bilt Econo-horse tiller. Thank you.

  15. i got my blue eclipse painted black from this one small paint shop a month ago and it came out good but my door jams, trunk or the area around the engine did not get painted. how much would it run to get all that painted at maaco or econo?? im not tryin to spend 1000’s on paint for my car. thanks!

  16. My tiller’s belt finally broke last week. It’s the belt that fits on the double pulley. What all do I need to remove to replace this belt? It almost seems like the handles need to come off (?)

    Thank you.

  17. In my ECO/212 class, our question for the day is what role does economics play in my personal and organizations decisions? Provide an example of the role of economics in decision making.

  18. What is the difference between home economics and economics?
    Home ecoomics is considered to be a soft option for an As level subject. So is economics the same. And also is economics a soft or good As level choice?

  19. I will be in Alabama and I will have my laptop with me. How do I sign on using my laptop. I know they will give me a password but other then that, I have no clue. Could someone tell me how?

  20. How many millions are wasted when theres people begging on the not judge anyone who is homeless or begging untill you have walked a mile in his/her shoes.

  21. I have done undergraduate economics before – most of it is mainly theory with diagrams and models. There is a lot of rote memorisation and a bit of calculations.
    I am now going to start postgraduate studies in economics. I had a look at one postgrad economics exam paper, and I was shocked to see so much mathematics in it – especially calculus and formulas. Especially Hamiltonian and Lagrangian.

    My maths isn’t so good especially applied calculus. How can I cope with postgrad economics?

  22. can you get military and aaa discount at econo lodge? say your military and you have AAA can you use them both together?

  23. Laissez-faire economics can only work if capital & labor are free to move where the best returns/jobs are. International borders prevent the free movement of labor. This means conservative economics can’t work. I’m surprised conservatives aren’t calling for OPEN borders to give their Utopian economic theories a chance to work. Instead, they embrace irreconcilable economic contradictions without realizing it.

  24. Did any one stay in Econo Lodge on the Niagara Falls US side ?

    What is the experience ? neatness and hygiene levels ?

  25. Econo-Rooter came to my house today. $85 to clear a blockage of Charmin tissue. I’ve got two small kids, who are scheduled for retraining on single-use quantities. (How many squares do you need?)

    My question is, if you use Charmin and have kids (or have another member of the household who leaves a large paper trail), do you do regular maintenance to avoid those $85 bills?

    I know there are chemicals at the store and I’ve read remedies like flushing a bowl of boiling water once a week, but I’d really appreciate personal experience here.

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