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Quick 10 Questions For SSC Exam for Data Entry Operator -Part-II

SSCThis is second part of quick test for SSC exam for lower division clerk and data entry operator. The Staff selection Commission organizes this exam every year for the selection of Data Entry Operator.

Second Part of SSC Data Entry Operator Exam

test quiz description

Comments ( 12 )

  1. Dear, How i can find the result on internet of SSC maharashtra board on 2008, if i know name only?

  2. Does it seem ridiculous that the SSC Ultimate Aero and the Bugatti Veyron have never had a head to head race?
    I’ve tried to find anything that documents these two super cars going head to head. They are the two fastest production cars in the world but they are too chicken **** to actually get on a track to see who is faster. Why?

  3. My friend moved to Florida, after being born and raised in Nebraska.

    Her Dad left her birth certificate and SSC there, and she was told that it was lost. Now she doesn’t have either and no way to get them.

    How can she get a copy of these and as soon as possible?
    Please explain in the simplest way you can, I’m not very smart when it comes to following government protocol. They seem to run in circles, so its really hard for me to follow.

  4. Hello Friendz!
    Help me fast please!
    What are the timings of 10th ssc examz from 23 march to 8th april?
    some sites reported 8:00 am to 11:30 am and same reported 9:30 am to 12:00 am!

    What is correct?
    do you have some tips?

  5. My social security card was stolen months ago along with my wallet that had my h.s id’s i called an ssc theft number right after it was stolen and they just gave me a number i believe and i got my old ssc replaced but is there still danger even though i replaced it, and called the identity theft location?How can i check? What can i do?:/

  6. Is there is best of five or the percentile system in ssc maharashtra board 2011?

  7. I mean the bugatti veyron has 16 cylinders, all wheel drive and 4 turbochargers. I mean I know the ssc has a supercharger but how did they make a v8 so much faster than a 16?

  8. Can I take Astrophysics as my different subject after my SSC? Please help me.

  9. I want to know about the application process for SSC Junior Engineer Recruitment 2011 as there are two different notifications for this exam. Can anyone answer ?

  10. So, How did the Thrust SSC break the sound barrier?

  11. Is the date of The Written Examination of the upcoming SSC Higher Secondary Level Exam to be conducted on 21 &28 October 2012 has been changed. If so then please let me know is the new date.
    thank you.
    State of examination is Delhi.

  12. i have just finished my ssc and going to do hsc so what subjects i should take to develop my interest in robotics.also it would be nice if anyone could tell what equipment is used and programming language.

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