Why doesn’t the stomach destroy itself?


Why doesn’t the stomach destroy itself?

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  1. The stomach is a beautiful organ of the living body which enables us to survive. It digests the food we eat and supplies the various nutrients and other by-products to the concerned parts of the body. It is capable of digesting almost everything owing to the strong peptic acid and other chemicals present in it. The pH level of the peptic acid is so strong that it is capable of dissolving metals! However, the wall of the stomach is made up of protein and they have a lining which contains cells secreting mucus and bicarbonate. The mucus forms a protective layer around the stomach. It sticks to the walls of the stomach thus making a physical barrier so that the acid does not seep through and touch the stomach. This mucus is also found in the nasal lining and throat. In addition to the mucal lining, the cells of the stomach grow faster than they can be destroyed.

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