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  1. Thomas Munro was started “Ryotwari”.

    As per Wikipedia “Ryotwari System was introduced by Thomas Munro in 1820. Major areas of introduction include Madras, Bombay, parts of Assam and Coorgh provinces of British India. In Ryotwari System the ownership rights were handed over to the peasants. British Government collected taxes directly from the peasants.The ryotwari system, instituted in some parts of India, was one of the main systems used to collect revenues from the cultivators of agricultural land. These revenues included undifferentiated land taxes and rents, collected simultaneously. Where the land revenue was imposed directly on the (the individual cultivators who actually worked the land)—the system of assessment was known as ryotwari. Where the land revenue was imposed indirectly—through agreements made with Zamindars—these system of assessment was known as zamindari. In Bombay, Madras, Assam and Burma the Zamindar usually did not have a position as a middleman between the government and the farmer.”

    Video On Roytwari System


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